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Exploring Passion in School- Long Term Benefits

Students can have a more satisfying career if they are given opportunities like Science Research, student-organized classes, and strong internship programs because they teach real world skills, expose students to potential work environments, and foster passion. 103 more words

To Act or Not to Act - Zach

This week I will be looking within and analyzing a decision: to act in the senior play, or to use that time to further my research. 410 more words

Westtown School

Helicopters in World War II

This week I looked in depth at the emerging role of the helicopter during World War II. World War II is the time when the helicopter really started to become a big part of military strategy and its versatility was put on display. 447 more words

Westtown School

Creating a Class to Explore a Passion

Senior Katie Reed knew she was interested in taking a class on public health and Native American communities. The one problem was that there wasn’t a class offered on that topic. 403 more words

From the Coordinator: Independent Study

One of the things I have been talking a good deal about during Sophomore Reviews is the Independent Study option available to University Honors students.  I raise it not because it is “new”, but rather because I think it is an under utilized option that is “on the books” and would help many students complete the UHP curriculum. 527 more words

What is Philosophy?

One frustration most philosophy students share is a consequence of the gulf that exists between what the study of philosophy actually involves, and what many people who have never studied philosophy – which includes most of our family and friends and acquaintances — … 1,346 more words

Distance Learning

Nannofood - The Next Steps

This week has been centered on working toward a launch – I have less than six weeks. It’s both exciting and horrifying. 481 more words

Independent Study