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In Memory of Walker Newton

Writing about death is practically an everyday occurrence for me, but I now find myself writing about it from a completely different, and very unexpected perspective. 332 more words

Fantasy - What a Wonderful World!

According to the immortal Dr. Seuss, “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” There’s an element of truth in what he said that we can relate too. 520 more words

Forever Avalon

Author Interview - Nancy Jardine

This week I’m honoured to be interviewing massively successful multi-genre writer  Nancy Jardine.

Q1. Nancy, welcome and thank you so much for agreeing to be… 1,194 more words

Author Beware -- A Cautionary Tale of Kirkus Editorial

This is the story of my experience with Kirkus Review’s editorial service. I hope it helps anyone contemplating having Kirkus Editorial edit their manuscript.

Before hiring Kirkus Editorial, I couldn’t find any reviews of its service, despite finding several reviews of Kirkus’s Indie-Pay-For-Review Service. 3,727 more words

Author Services

Confessions of a Binge Reader

So I was playing a game the other night with a group of friends called Celebrity, where you write down the names of famous people or characters, pick the name out of a jar, and give clues to your team to make them guess the name of the person. 556 more words

Drip (a wee glimpse into Fey)

It’s my birthday today so in a reverse of the norm I thought I’d do a wee birthday present for my readers. This is a story set in Fey, the castle in it will feature in the early chapters of ‘The Spark of Dreams’ but the characters probably won’t make an appearance until ‘The Children of Fate’ (working title). 2,002 more words

Children's Fiction

Hot Dogs On Sticks

Originally published in R.K.V.R.Y Quarterly Literary Journal

sleight of hand

All warfare is based on this:

deception. Tonight, your mask
alcohol and brass and disarray…

467 more words