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Happy Independence Day, Texas!

On March 2, 1836, Texas declared her independence from Mexico to become the Republic of Texas. Only in December 1845 would she become part of the United States of America. 144 more words


Hypothetical Policy Paper (Referendum in West Papua)

The following is a hypothetical Policy Paper written for the Australian Government about a hypothetical scenario involving a West Papuan bid for independence. This piece was written for a class titled ‘Practical Applications of Asia-Pacific Security’. 951 more words


Part 1: "Help Me, Help My Disorganized Child!" 11 Early Learning Activities Using a Jewelry Organizer

When I was a classroom teacher it was very evident to me which children struggled. Often times they would have difficulties with spatial awareness, organizing their work on a rug, working in a left to right sequence or focusing on the activity (work) at hand. 370 more words



I arrive on my high horse. I arrive with my big city air of entitlement. I have been taught to be proud of myself. I have been taught to be civilized: whatever that means. 1,068 more words

Wet Paint

Commentary on Federalist #2

Commentary on Federalist #2

The second essay of The Federalist is one of the few composed by John Jay. After reading it I kind wished that John Jay had composed a few more of the essays than he had the opportunity to. 4,735 more words

Sunday Slideshow: more sledding

This morning, I drove Philip to the lodge in our gated community for an event. When we arrived, there were only two cars in the parking lot. 254 more words

Sunday Slideshow

All For Me

It’s a new feeling
To be doing something for myself
And not for someone else.
For a long time
I tried to modify myself
In the hope of catching the eye… 77 more words