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Slow and Easy

While Saturday’s easy run had gone fairly well I was still nervous about my long run.  How were my legs going to handle it?   I knew the planned progression wasn’t going to happen but I was hoping to run long-ish and easy. 558 more words


511. Waxing lyrical

Stand on the golden sands and hear the sound of tropical waves crashing on the shore. The scent of pineapple, with guava and mango, wafts across the beach. 90 more words



Indecision and mixed signals tells a great story!


So it's been a while

I know. No one even reads my blog, so who cares, right? Well, for some reason I do. I created this space first and foremost for myself, so I kinda have a responsibility to myself to keep it going. 875 more words



Crossroads of Life
Have a little mercy.
I can’t see well in the dark
N’ no one likes to be

Never enough time.
Your light’s always a changin’ 61 more words


Letters to him #4 (seeking closure)

I know that things are different now. I know they’re going to stay different. As much as I wish we could go back, we can’t. What’s done, is done. 1,235 more words

Nighttime worry.

At night,
it’s the worst.
The weight of your indecision
sets heavy on my heart,
in my mind
and in the pit of my stomach. 117 more words