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Matters of the Afterlife

No matter what you believe and where you stand, worship you will.

And for our precious gods, even our own blood we would spill.

Forget your precious doctrine, your seductive creed. 119 more words


Black All Over

For The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #206

crawled, crows, heart, grain, clay, splintered,
bones, crack, collapse, quilts, escaping, open

Black All Over

Have a crow deep in my soul. 237 more words


A New Enterprise


If you are reading this then you have found this incredibly new and incredibly interesting blog. Take a good lungful and just savour that smell of impending fun. 192 more words


Apology Post

Fellow bloggers, readers and citizens of the web, please lend me your ears. I have been with you for a while, though not long yet you have shown me much love and acceptance that before I mastered the courage to start blogging thought would be hard to come by. 492 more words


Do I Have Too Much Time?

Did anyone else take about an hour getting dressed this morning? Or was it just me. I’m talking just getting dressed–not even makeup or hair or anything (because when do I really spend that much time on my makeup or hair, being the… 598 more words



“We are all here to do the best we can. And every last one of us can do better than give up.” Cheryl Strayed

Having faith in your journey means going against that persistant voice in your head that tells you to trudge along in a life you know isn’t right for you. 129 more words


When You Don't Want What You Have

A moment lacks, too much time in your own head, carelessly creating that which is ugly. Waves of trepidation flow through me remembering what awaits me in August, the very worst kind of month. 390 more words