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Stuck in Motion

Caught between denial and confusion
Addictive comfort in delusion
An illusion
What is right is what is wrong with me.
Back to reality – 61 more words


What am I a slave to versus what is freely chosen?

A few days I ago I started re-reading Doris Lessing’s, A Four-Gated City. In one of the first chapters, I came upon the words obeisance and obsequiousness. 981 more words


Indecision by Blair Gaulton

Wind dances with the trees;
as the breeze
embraces the leaves;
teases, and sets them free
to stay on the branch;
or to dance away. 11 more words


How to Face Your Fears and Indecision

by Rick Warren

How do you get rid of a fear? There’s only one way: face it, and move against it!

How to Face Your Fears and Indecision… 467 more words

In which I Hide Behind my Bookshelves Or So Far Away

There are gluten-free chicken nuggets in the toaster-oven and too much light in my bedroom. My hair is still slightly damp from the shower I took earlier. 41 more words

Sometimes a Crock-Pot is Just a Crock-Pot (and other wisdom for the indecisive)

An indecisive person (AKA me) plus a store aisle full of choices = paralysis, disaster, and maybe a meltdown in the middle of the Wal-Mart. 850 more words

Thoughts From My Quiet Time

I Went and Looked Apple Watches Today


I made an appointment and tried on a few Apple Watches.  I think I’ve decided, more or less, which Apple Watch I’ll buy.

And I apologize for all the Apple Watch navel gazing.   464 more words