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The sweat on the young girl’s tanned neck ran aimlessly down her youthful skin, and collected above the little slanted scar beneath her protruding collar bone. 220 more words

Creative Writing

I'm Back with No Vengeance

Hello everyone!

I’m sure you have missed me dearly these past several months and you are dying to know what’s kept me away.

Recently, my to-do list has expanded to include more than: 284 more words


The last two months...

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You have somehow happened upon what is soon going to be a very dramatic blog. Featuring my thoughts and whatever else my brain wants to barf up because it simply can’t keep it in. 2,656 more words


All I Know is that I don't Know!

I went on this other date then. Guy was super nice, physically quite attractive too. We had fun, talked a lot and honestly, I wanted to sleep with him. 520 more words


Learning to Love My Crazy

This morning I grabbed a cup of tea, my notebook and a pen and sat on my patio in my pajamas. I opened my notebook and listened. 590 more words



Nothing is as difficult to do
As deciding on something important,
Especially when it means so much to you.
What could be harder to say than no, when… 48 more words

I take my title of this post from the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. Seen it? I saw the movie many moons ago and actually watched it again when I thought of writing this post. 710 more words