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Jimmy Carter and Everything Stupid

Remember when jimmy was running for president.

Everybody was talking like he was the second coming.

Of christ, that is.

More like the demon of stupidity. 66 more words


Yes, hil-hor Is OLD.

True but unimportant.

hil-hor is corrupt, incompetent and immoral:

—  wants to be president for her own ego.

—  has no ability to manage the nation, let alone lead it back to greatness… 80 more words


The journey to here...(part four)

Boy2 screamed all day for nearly four months. When I say screamed all day, I really mean screamed ALL day. No exaggeration. Nothing would soothe him, nothing would calm him down. 989 more words

You Only Had to Listen

With attention still rooted on Baltimore’s black Tupperware party, I thought it interesting to note some of the demands for tribute, or euphemistically calls for ‘reconciliation,’ that have already begun to percolate up from the cinders. 685 more words

No Curfew For The Cathedral?

It is a few minutes before midnight in Baltimore. Why aren’t media being arrested for violating the curfew?

The answer, of course, is that the mass media is using the state of emergency to enforce The Narrative.



Yes, I knew it was too good to last.

The bathroom refit was going great guns – until yesterday,

The builders had done an excellent job over the last week, and have been working like the clappers. 197 more words

Decent Homes Scheme