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You Silly Kent

A middle-aged man has been branded the worst person alive after he allegedly made passionate love to his sister during the recent Kent earthquake. 202 more words


Sifting Through the Dystopian Duggar Dialogues

This morning we at The Dystopian Eagle read a statement from Mike Huckabee wherein he gave his support to the Duggar family. Normally we’d add Huckabee to the list of people to ignore, except that he’s running for president and he’s also mirroring some of the dialogue occurring around Josh Duggar. 438 more words

Human Rights

Dalagita: Part 3

Sa isang iglap ay lumapat muli ang labi ni Mang Kadyo sa anak. Maalab silang naghalikan. Sabik na sabik na naghinang ang kanilang mga labi. 1,828 more words


Dalagita: Part 1

“Angheeeeelllaaaaaaa!!!!” pasuray suray na atungal ni Mang Kadyo bago pa man pabalagbag na binuksan ang pinto. Pasuray suray na sumalampak ito sa upuan at kandaikot ang paningin bunga ng kalasingan. 2,960 more words


The Duggar Child Abuse Scandal

If you are not currently residing in a cave, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Duggar scandal surrounding child molestation. What the media has failed… 395 more words

Dysfunctional Parents/Families


I am not alone within myself.

I woke up around 3 am, I was on my back porch, teddy bear in hand, thumb in my mouth, my cheeks were wet. 107 more words

My Depression Truths

(TW– Rape, incest, molestation)

It has been said that having depression is like being in a dark tunnel with no knowledge of the end. It is a cold, lonely place of isolation, fear, anxiety and overwhelming pain. 1,039 more words