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Two Years

Today marks two years that I’ve been estranged from my biological family. There’s a long and dramatic story attached to that decision and what ultimately pushed me to “pull the trigger” so to speak, but I don’t want to share that quite yet. 928 more words


[Dekochin Hammer] It's Your Fault, Onii-chan!

Last page explains what was Grandpa’s illness.
Available at Panda and below:



[Harepore] Puni "Loli" Lax

How it was good when we didn’t have lightsaber dicks. Harepore is great.
You can check the gallery on a certain Panda or download it below:



Delia's Story, Chapter 133: Sara

Sara was on her back, handcuffed to her brother Kevin’s bed. Her husband, Al, had just secured her there nude. She objected when he lifted her leg and pulled it up toward a waiting restraint fastened to the headboard. 2,476 more words

Delia's Story

Genesis Chapters 17-19

Preface: While I genuinely hope that this is the post that generates lots of discussion, and believe that it may because of the subject matter, I feel that I need to remind everyone that hate speech absolutely will not be tolerated on this page. 1,655 more words

The Bible

Internet Confessions #3: Gallons of Auntcest


I love having sex with my aunt. We have sexual attraction towards each other and we have been having sex for around 2 years and we may have fucked each other for over 300 times. 450 more words


Jillicious Incest: Volume 1

I’m beginning to explore self publishing options to share my stories. I have decided to publish a few of the stories available on my blog for a few reasons. 141 more words