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Books we have been reading

April 1, 2015

Books we have been reading:

 Long Life by Mary Oliver

This is a short book with large concerns about constancy and habit. Across poems and essays, Oliver relates the rewards she has received from her routines of walking and noticing the behaviors and patterns of life around her in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 369 more words


Weed, the Herb of the 21st Century

Weed is something that has been getting a bunch of attention lately. Some states are starting to legalize and regulate the recreational use of it. Other states are just simply watching how well it works in Colorado and Washington to see if they could do so in their own state without unintended consequences. 384 more words

Allowing Drugs May Help Lower the Incarceration Rate

According to the Huffington Post, around 50% of prisoners in the Federal prison system are the for drug offenses.  The largest number of offenses dealt with marijuana, which is the most acceptable illicit drug in today’s society.  105 more words


Norway's Different Kind of Prison

Jessica Benko has a long NY Times article on “The Radical Humaneness of Norway’s Halden Prison,” which might be of interest to Americans working on prison reform. 413 more words

Angelo West and Why All Black Lives Matter

A recent piece by Boston Globe Columnist Kevin Cullen, titled “Three Strikes and He Was Out On Streets Again,” is horrifyingly misguided, but if you can stomach it, it’s worth reading in order to think through the political understandings underlying the argument. 1,109 more words


Day 30 In The Hole

I am sharing the journal I kept while I did 7 months in the hole…

Dec. 25, 2008 @ 4am

I spent a hour cleaning my floor with a bar of soap and a wash rag. 129 more words

Steven Jennings