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Guilty, but Safe Pleasures

I’ve been challenged to tell about a favorite meal from my childhood. I can’t think of any. Instead, I thought of a special treat. In considering what there was about that tasty treat I enjoyed, so much, I also thought of a treat that I indulged in that can be described in similar ways. 362 more words


Lost in the Park, A Fiction

Hey readers and lovers of old time radio, remember that challenge to write something every day that I’m trying to keep up with? Here’s a bit of fiction to stretch my imagination. 1,045 more words


Update Wednesday roundup: Docs, Slides, Sheets, & more updated, Android for Work released for Jelly Bean

Google’s Update Wednesday routine is in full swing today with a variety of updates rolling out to the company’s apps. Earlier today, Chrome 42 for Android made its was to the Play Store… 326 more words


A Visit to the Retro OTR Diner

I thought I’d come into the diner and spend a few minutes. Taking a seat in the corner booth, it gives me a good view of the rest of the dining room. 747 more words


Shopami...making me a smarter and happier shopper

Two months ago I was shopping with my son at Sports Authority.  We found the items he wanted and went to the register.  As I was being rung up I remembered I had a coupon for  20 % off.   245 more words


A Fan Fiction - Abner's Doctored Checker Game. ,,A small bit of fan fiction. Rather than done in something like a script style, I'm taking an approach in a more novelized, or prose nature. ,,The screen door opens, with the creak of the rusty spring, and jingling bell announcing the presence of a customer in the old fashioned, country store. Abner Peabody looks up from his place behind the sales counter to see the grizzled old timer enter. "Howdy grandpap, how's things going?" "Oh, about the same as always," replies Avery Spears, but known to everybody in town simply as Grandpappy Spears. "Where's that spavin legged partner of yours?" He asks, referring to Lum Edwards, partner and self proclaimed President of the Jot 'Em Down Store. "Lum? Why he's gone down to the county seat. He has to pick up our order from the wholesaler, and deposit momney in the bank," Abner says. ,,"Then you're here alone today?, eh Abner" asks grandpappy. "yeah, yeah, it's just me." Abner replies. "Are you here to pick something up for your woman?" "Na, just wanted to see if you were up for a game of checkers." said grandpappy. "Well now grandpap, you know how much Lum hates it whenI play checkers on the job. I'm supposed to be watching the store." Abner says. "Aw, prittle prattle. I'll get 'em set up, and we can play and watch the store at the same time," argues grandpap as he starts setting the checkerboard for a game. "What'll it be Abner? Red or black?" ,,"It doesn't matter to me. I'll beat you no matter which ones you give me." ,,"You beat me... why I ain't never heard such nonsense. I'm the checker chanp'een of the whole county. I'll wipe the board clean of you." ,,"Yeah, we'll see who cleans out who," Abner says as he takes his place at the checkerboard to face his long time rival. "You ain't no champ'een. Why I could beat you any time. Fact is.." ,,"You ain't ever beat me... And if you ever did, it's 'cause you cheated." ,,"Cheated! Well I'll show you, I got the scores of our last game right here on the ledger book." ,,"Bah, I ain't believing any of that. You doctored those. Ain't nobody can trust what you got in there." ,,"Doctor? Whadda ya mean... doctor?" ,,"You heard me. It's your move, you go first." ,,As Abner makes his move he mutters under his breath, ?Well I never heard such a thing. Doctor, I ain't no doctor," Then more directly to grandpap, heis confused as he askes, "Say grandpap, do you suppose you meant old Doc Miller? Was it him who fixed up those scores? What do you reckon they was sick of anyway?" ,,"Sick? Who's sick?? Whadda you talking about Abner?" ,,"Well I was just trying to figure out if it was old Dock Miller who fixed up them scores. He's the only doctor around here I can think of... unless you mean Doc Withers" Abner goes to muttering again as he continues, "Oh, but wait, Doc Withers ain't a human doc, he's actually an animal doc.. Grandpap, how do you reckon an animal doc got in here to fix them scores? I still can't figure what made 'em sick..." ,,"Whadda ya talking about Abner? Who's sick? Who sent for the doctor?" ,,"Why you did grandpap!You said Doc Withers came in here to fix up a sick animal... no wait... it was a... what was it again grandpap?" ,"I ain't said nothing about no doctors, nor any sick animals! It's your move again Abner, now quit your talking and get ready to be whipped." ,,"Alright, alright I'm moving." as Abner slaps his checker from one sqquare on the board to another, he continues to mutter softly to himself. "For the land sakes. You said the doc had to come in here to fix up a sick animal. All I wanted was to figure out what was wrong woith it. Recon what kind of animal was it, a horse? No that's too big, it'd never fit in here." Abner chuckles to himself at the thought, then in a moment of doubt he continues, "Or would it? Naw, that would be ridiculous, a horse is too big. Lum would have a fit to find a horse in here." ,,"Grandpap, recon it was thatdog the Blevins boys have? It's always mighty puny looking." ,,Confused at the distraction from Abner, grandpap shows signs of beginning to lose his temper. ?Abner, just play the game, and forget about sick animals If you don't want to play, just say so. You're just afraid of the beating you're gonna get when I win this game." ,,"Afraid! I ain't afraid of nothing. It's you who'll be the one to lose." ,,"Make your move Abner." ,,"Huh?" ,,"It's your move. Make a move." ,,"Oh, OK." Abner ponders the checker board as he tries out a move or two. After a few false starts he settles on one. Jumping over a checker, Abner gloats, "Ha! King me grandpap. I just landed on your king row." ,,"Well I do know. How'd you get there. You'd better watch that cheating Abner." ,,"That wasn't cheating, now king me fair and square." ,,"I'll king you alright. It'll be you who needs a doctor if you keep at it." ,,"Huh?" ,,"You heard me, I'm tired of your cheating. You'll need a doctor when I get through with you!" ,,"You mean Doc Withers? But he's not a human doc. Besides he's busy with that Blevins dog..." ,,That's it! I can't keep company with cheaters at checkers. Trying to distract me with all that nonsense talk about doctors, and sick dogs, and..." Grandpap's tirade fades as he gets up to leave, and slams the rusty screen door behind him on his way out.

A small bit of fan fiction. Rather than done in something like a script style, I’m taking an approach in a more novelized, or prose nature. 993 more words


Day 90 + 4 - inbox emptied!

Day 90 + 4 of #cleanse4expansion and after another day of meetings and phone conversations I’ve now spent some three-four hours this afternoon/evening clearing out my inbox. 165 more words