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New Article: SUNY Brockport students fig

New Article: SUNY Brockport students fight bullying, racism on Yik Yak with #takebackyikyak http://bit.ly/Take-Back-Yik-Yak @ctr4sr @bsgbuzz

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Landing Pages And How They Help Convert Prospects

This topic is a little involved, so please be patient. All of my readers are not seasoned marketers or public relations people. Many are just starting out and this, like most of my blog posts are written with them in mind. 1,113 more words

Winning The Digital Game - Know Thy Rules

Before you play any game, you need to understand its basic rules. If you never understand the rules of the game you are playing, then you are just wandering around lost and making it hard for yourself and your teammates to win on the playing field. 739 more words

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B2B IT Software Companies not doing Inbound Marketing are Missing Out On Golden Opportunities

B2B IT Software companies not embracing the Inbound Marketing phenomenon are most definitely missing out on obtaining influencers Market awareness, quality leads and some very lucrative business opportunities. 734 more words


New article: Disturbing Twitter trend #c

New article: Disturbing Twitter trend #cut4zayn encourages users to self-harm http://exm.nr/1BOMGgU #suicideispreventable @800273talk

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Native Marketing For Your Business

Native advertising is used by some of the most powerful online social media platforms and websites today. USA Today, Facebook, Forbes, the New York Times, and Twitter all utilize this powerful form of content creation. 513 more words

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New article in light of the recent firin

New article in light of the recent firings and suspensions: The Moron’s Guide to Social Media: http://exm.nr/1BlGZrT #rochester

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