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The missing guy that smelled so good has been found!

Turns he needed a few days of rest. All that panicking for nothing! Shame on  all of you!.  387 more words


(Okay, he’s just pushing his luck. I mean really pushing his luck. Grass cut, garbage pulled, other needed repairs. We’re going to go over this one more time for clarity. 419 more words


Hello everyone!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog posts for a special announcement. A few weeks ago. I mentioned the upcoming release of a new book. 225 more words


Alright fellows, you’ve tried several time to be assaulted by a beautiful woman and things just haven’t worked out!

Clearly, you want to and you’ve gone above and beyond to make that plain. 467 more words


Fellows, are you tired of watching the next guy get snatched into a room by a beautiful woman?

Do you find yourself grimacing when he’s thrown back out a spent and disheveled mess? 403 more words


Hi guys. last week’s topic was for women concerning the “alleged” assault of males and masculine figures by sexy women or vixens.

(It was very sensitive information that you had no business reading!) 613 more words

Hi everyone,

Here’s a few things I thought I’d share with my readers.

(Don’t worry I will be back to my regularly scheduled tomorrow nonsense. I would do it in a newsletter like normal people but that’s too much for me seriously. 733 more words