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Drug users experiment with hallucinogens and even heroin in e-cigarettes, charities warn

Drug users have been experimenting with e-cigarettes so they can take cannabis, hallucinogens and even heroin without being noticed. Because the devices do not produce smoke there is none of the smell often associated with taking opiates and marijuana.  39 more words

Vaping health risks: e-cigarettes could be more dangerous than we think, scientists warn

The level of chemicals used to flavour e-cigarettes could be harmful and lead to respiratory problems, researchers have warned. The chemicals used to add an array of tastes to e-cigarettes, ranging from coffee to bubble gum, are often the same as those used in food and confectionery, and are therefore marketed as safe by manufacturers.
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A perspective on avatars and identity

On Wednesday, April 15th, Xiola Linden Tweeted about an article that appeared in the Motherboard section of the VICE web magazine which makes for an interesting read. 898 more words


Is second-hand vaping harmful to your health?

A small but disturbing study published last summer found that vaping indoors–even in a well-ventilated room–releases ultra fine particles and potentially carcinogenic hydrocarbons into the air. 182 more words

Rosegreen 4 Cats Owner - Mark "I'm Abseiling Of The Forth Rail Bridge"

Hi everyone I am raising money for children 1st. The abseil takes place on 21 June 2015 a few days after my late father’s birthday, and is a 165 foot SAS-style abseil from the Forth Rail Bridge to the beach below on the southern side of the bridge. 137 more words


Looking for ways to play the rapidly growing e-cig and vaporizer markets?

For the life of me I don’t understand it, but people love to smoke. I suppose I can understand people who started decades ago, because back then the evidence wasn’t so blindingly clear that there is a very good chance that smoking will cause a premature death.  173 more words

'HealthMine' survey reveals consumers see vaping as less harmful to health than smoking

While researchers continue to debate the safety of e-cigarettes over conventional tobacco smoking consumers view traditional cigarettes as more dangerous according to a January 2015 HealthMine survey of 562 consumers with company-sponsored health plans. 60 more words