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Manny Mania in Manila...

Here in Metro Manila, everywhere I look I see Manny Pacquiao. On billboard ads, in television commercials, on merchandize, on T-shirts, and even on walls. 60 more words

In The City

Cool and Refreshing...

In times like these when the temperature is reaching a hundred Fahrenheit or more than 35o Celsius, a glassful of ice-cold softdrink is a bliss!

In The City

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

My wife and I watched the latest movie featuring the Avengers in the Age of Ultron. I didn’t pay for the tickets, they were compliments of my mobile carrier, Smart Communications, for all their Infinity subscribers. 12 more words

In The City

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills

I wandered around the grounds of the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills with my son a few months back. What a beautiful place! Per their… 63 more words


Ungaurded Moment

So deep, deep without a meaning, sometimes i see you thinking, tell those men with blindfolds for minds, that their hands don’t make me hang, they only make me feel like sinking, in an ungaurded moment ~ the church song

In The City

Being vulnerable vs. being numb

There are two terms – one in business & one outside of it, that correlate – and essentially mean similar things.

‘Business as usual’ and ‘Life goes on, as always’. 444 more words

Towards The Future

Raising awareness

As CSE held consultations on climate change recently in Delhi, with aspects of air pollution as the theme – its many reasons, imperatives, and what needs to be done – a critical question on how we can disseminate information to the public was touched upon. 287 more words

Towards The Future