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Bright Blue Sky Looking Down At Me...

What did you see first? The blue sky? The cotton-like clouds that are low? The tree? Or the building?

Bright blue sky looking down at me… 215 more words

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The 'Traysikel" (Tricycle)...

The tricycle, or most popularly pronounced in the Philippines as “traysikel”, is a road icon in the country. If there are rickshaws in other Asian countries, we have the… 311 more words

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The Colors of Summer in the Philippines

In the Philippines, we only have two seasons,the wet and dry. It usually rains in the months of June till October and is dry for the other months. 127 more words

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The Busy Street of Quezon Avenue

The place where I am in the Metro Manila region (National Capital Region) of the Philippines is called Quezon City. It was named after our former president, Manuel L. 100 more words

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The Lunar Morning

It was about nine (9) in the morning as I enter the business district of Makati on my way to the office. As I stop at an intersection, I saw the moon still up on the horizon near a cluster of buildings… And it was quite unusual to still see the moon at this time of the day and with all the tall buildings around. 75 more words

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Sunset in February Vs. Sunset in March (Philippines)

It’s officially summer as far as the sunset in the Philippines is concerned. The photos were taken at exactly the same time in almost the same location. 50 more words

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