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The Art of Adoption

The art of adoption: 

What’s it mean to adopt an idea? That’s simple it means to choose that idea.

Ok, how about a way of life? 156 more words

Current Events

"The Voice"‏

Their Master’s Voice

Michael Sowa


The Voice, a program which has gone
international from its roots in, of all places, 262 more words

In Search Of Beauty

"Probability" - Lia Purpura‏

The Miracle of Light While Flying (1931)

Gerardo Dottori


miracles, like beauty, are in the eye
of the beholder

they are astonishing circumstances… 103 more words

In Search Of Beauty

my Valentine

A Bouquet of Roses” (1879)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir


happy Valentine’s Day, Apollo said
over the phone at about ten this morning

hi, I said, can I call you back… 237 more words

In Search Of Beauty