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Beethoven's tribute to spring

Primavera (1478)

Sandro Botticelli


if there’s a musical work to perform for
spring what Botticelli‘s Primavera
does with painting, celebrate it, that is, 235 more words

In Search Of Beauty

Home grown beauty!

thought we’d share a bit of  our “lavender love” tonight…

Current Events

seizing the iridescent moment

Hibiscus and Sparrow

Katsushika Hokusai


standing behind a Japanese man
at the check-out counter the other
day at Safeway’s, thinking their
express line was about as fast… 185 more words

In Search Of Beauty

winning performances‏

The Singer (1903)

Wassily Kandinsky


though a new winner was crowned
this year again at Québec’s La voix“,
last year’s winner, who made a guest… 89 more words

In Search Of Beauty

a birthday wish

Happy Birthday (1971)

Fernando Botero


a friend of mine was eighty today,
she’s gone off to London to celebrate,
she didn’t want anyone to make a fuss… 220 more words

In Search Of Beauty

Beethoven Cello Sonata no 1, opus 5, no 1‏

La loge de l’opéra

Constantin Guys


through the good graces of a friend
of mine, a musicologist, who writes
the programmes for the chamber… 278 more words

In Search Of Beauty