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Beyond the Rainbow

‘Ten eighty, love.’

Mildred couldn’t remember the last time she’d been into town, what with all those people and loud music pouring out of the shops. 2,041 more words


Tuesday, 10th February 2015

Kingsley Amis noted in 1966 that ‘The treatment of media as a singular noun […] is spreading into the upper cultural strata’, and thirty-odd years later that it ‘looks likely to prevail’. 58 more words


Beginning with a Bang

There is nothing better than a story that hooks you right from page one.  When you are launched straight into the midst of things, there is no time for orientation and no time for back story. 173 more words


Saturday, 17th January 2015

Internet, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɪntənɛt/
Etymology: < Latin ‘he interns’, 3rd pers. sing. pres. of intern v., represented by -et suffix

The global computer network, a connection to which allows access to websites (inc. 23 more words


Thursday, 4th December 2014

It occurs to me that new media is a bit of a misnomer, since the Internet is really the only medium in town. The OED… 48 more words


The Zen of eating

An elderly gentleman sat next to me at a restaurant this morning. He was dressed in a spotless white shirt and could have been in his seventies but his face looked tired. 214 more words

In Medias Res

Not just a child

This Saturday, I and a few social entrepreneurs who were also Ashoka Fellows working in the field of education, were invited to speak to business leaders at Hyderabad. 211 more words

In Medias Res