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“I would like to write a story about you,” I messaged her.

“But why do you want to write my story? I am one of the kids no?” she replied. 388 more words

In Medias Res

Podcast #2 A tribute to Monty Oum

Sadly, in early part of February, Monty Oum passed away and left a legacy of great works in his short life


Art for the disabled

One of our field coordinators for NalandaWay’s “Art in Education programme” visited a school on the outskirts of Chennai. Through this initiative we train school teachers in government schools to become creative so that they create happy classrooms. 182 more words

In Medias Res

Getting Right into the Middle of Things

I blog every fourth Wednesday at Live, Write, Thrive. Here’s an excerpt from February’s Blog.

We have to be clear. It’s very important that our readers understand exactly what’s going on at every moment in our story.

38 more words

Beyond the Rainbow

‘Ten eighty, love.’

Mildred couldn’t remember the last time she’d been into town, what with all those people and loud music pouring out of the shops. 2,041 more words


Tuesday, 10th February 2015

Kingsley Amis noted in 1966 that ‘The treatment of media as a singular noun […] is spreading into the upper cultural strata’, and thirty-odd years later that it ‘looks likely to prevail’. 58 more words


Beginning with a Bang

There is nothing better than a story that hooks you right from page one.  When you are launched straight into the midst of things, there is no time for orientation and no time for back story. 173 more words