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1860 Rise in Religious Fervor Led to "In God We Trust."

This article about an atheist’s plans to sue for the removal of “In God We Trust” from U. S. currency explains that the motto was added around the time of our great Civil War, perhaps as an expression of people’s faith that God would lead the nation through that devastating conflict. 14 more words

Church History

Finding Funds

The following is an excerpt from my journal and I hope it is able to relay some of my feelings, my gratitude, and the all-encompassing love of the Father. 1,235 more words

In God We Trust?

Where would your head and heart be at if a never seen before military force appeared on your doorstep tomorrow? Considering that scenario, how would you respond if a man or woman of God were to say, “Trust in God for your salvation,” in response to that event? 756 more words

Packards' Progress

So you worship "God." Which one?

When people say they worship God or money says In God We Trust, it always begs the question – which one are you talking about? There are thousands. 3,355 more words


After Midnight Deux

It is not worry that keeps me awake this time,
more a sense of gratefulness and hope that trust will be rewarded.

I do not know what this day will hold. 97 more words


Group pushes for 'In God We Trust' on NC government buildings

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — “In God We Trust” is the official U.S. National Motto. It appears on our cash and coins.

That phrase will also be appearing on buildings in 37 locations across North Carolina — 24 county buildings and 13 city buildings. 157 more words