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Don’t be a Bad Writer! Learn What Good Writers Know

Many people talk about bad writing versus good writing. Often the label of “good” or “bad” extends past the writing to the writer. There are many possible reasons as to why one writer may be considered “bad,” while another is thought of as “good.” But what is the main difference between good and bad writers? 429 more words


7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing - Fridays with DX #6

It’s Friday…again!

I know it sounds crazy but don’t you think Fridays comes earlier than the rest of the days? Don’t ponder over it.

Today I’m going to lend you some secrets to effectively improve your writing. 38 more words

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A Happy Discovery - Free Indirect Discourse: I Was Already Using It, But Now I Know When and How to Use It Correctly

I first saw the term Free Indirect Discourse while reading the chapter on Flannery O’Connor in Write Like The Masters by William Cane. Cane describes Free Indirect Discourse (FID) as “A popular technique with good writers, FID involves… 957 more words


Four Reasons Why You Should Blog (Starting Today)

I started this blog at the beginning of the year to help me sort through the pain of a pending divorce and the shock of single motherhood, but the more I do it, the more I discover all these extra perks. 464 more words

Things I've learned from reading my favorite authors

Writers are avid readers. If you are a writer and you aren’t a reader, you should be. Read whatever you want, in any genre you want, but read. 995 more words

Writing Tips: Sharpening Your Mental Pencil

Writing Tips: Sharpening Your Mental Pencil

“I am approaching the heart of this book with two theses, both simple. The first, is that good writing consists of mastering the fundamentals (vocabulary, grammar, the elements of style) and then filling the third level of your toolbox with the right instruments. 1,618 more words