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So you're not the best writer in the world

You’ve written your first book. Maybe it’s a short story, maybe it’s an epic fantasy, perhaps you leaned more toward a gruesome horror tale. Whichever route you took, you’ve penned that masterpiece, took that fateful dive into the tumultuous sea of publishing. 694 more words


Why you should keep a journal

Hi guys!

Today’s mission is to convince every single one of you to keep a journal. Yes, a journal.

A journal differs from a diary only in the sense that it does not necessitate daily entries. 656 more words

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Links We Love Weekly Round-Up -- February 2, 2015

Stacking Habits: How to Finally Stick to Your Morning Routine

Kaizen, the Japanese word for “continuous improvement,” is often applied in business situations to improve how a business runs and, therefore, the profitability of the entire operation.

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Weekly Round Up

Aspects Of Concise Writing

Two Elements Of Concise Writing

When people think of concise writing they often think of writing that expresses its point in as few words as possible without being impaired by its brevity. 291 more words

Concise Writing

12 Ways to Improve Your Writing (Right Now, For Free)

We all want to be better writers and find ways to improve our writing craft. Some of us have been fortunate enough to study creative writing in university… 1,005 more words


Pointers to a better business writing for an excellent content for your clients

It’s a little uncanny but conventional thinking has led many students and academic professionals to believe that every business essay must be written in a strict, direct and formal tone without any mincing of words. 312 more words

Better Business Writing

Increase the speed of your reading with Evelyn Wood’s speed reading programs

Speed reading is one of those techniques people have been trying to master for a really long time. Can you imagine being able to read up to six thousand words every single minute? 244 more words

Better Business Writing