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Journey 187: Yes….and: Lessons from Improv

When a new idea or concept comes to me, repetitively and from different people or from totally different directions, I pay attention. I’ve had that experience recently and I am so thankful to be reminded of something that I wanted to “hang on to”. 1,044 more words

Year Of Journeys

Troubadour Tales Tickets on sale!

One of my new shows I created is premiering this Fall at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. I am fired up because this show is so much fun to act in and we have an amazing cast. 90 more words


Doubling & Tripling Down - Split-Screen Help-Desk Game example video

Not a super fan of a scene?  Don’t sweep it under the rug – you may want to forget about it but the audience may not be able to.   267 more words


Trusting and Committing - a 2 person scene video example

Boldly  choose.  Boldly commit.  Accept everything your scene partner says and does. Accepting doesn’t mean you have to like it, but you have to allow it to happen – and to repeat… 342 more words


Walk On, Walk Off - The Johnsons at the ballpark video example

Tertiary Player Good Faith Mantra – I will only enter a scene in progress to serve what has already been established.

If you’re entering a scene in progress, that scene is not about you. 295 more words


Phone Pimping - video example

Pimping. Fun.

The audience knows the improviser is being forced into a situation where s/he has to contribute. The power of the expectation – what is s/he supposed to deliver, what is s/he supposed to be knowledgeable of – 75 more words


Blind Following - video example

Don’t let why keep you from following how. You don’t have to decipher what you just saw, you just have to repeat and heighten it. 54 more words