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Mediums and Money Solicitation ,Discourse 21 Nov 1988

Discourse 21 Nov 1988 Regarding Solicitation and Mediums

Very informative talk  by Swami Bagawans Sri SAthya Sai baba, please  share

Sai Baba

WARNING, These people must be either insane or hysteria-affected or they are possessed by some ghost or by the greed to earn money thereby

In my name  and the avery other devotee in the  world  which fallowing Swamis  direction in this matter  of medium Narasimha Murthy, Madhusudhan Nadu  this message is  for both of you  and all the group which  is going  around  scamming people ,collecting  money using  the name of Bagawans Sri Sathya Sai Baba. 136 more words

Sai Baba

I have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts

I have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have not come on behalf of any exclusive religion. 72 more words

Sai Baba

From Colorado

I am currently in Colorado, in my home town, in the house I grew up in, staying with my brother. (His name is Dennis but as a kid he got the nickname Smokey) 196 more words


Educated Impostor

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” Bertrand Russell

One of the most common themes I coach incredibly successful clients through is a little known thing called ‘Impostor Syndrome’. 760 more words

Doubled dupes

We’re duped by dupes without a fight,
And dupes now dupe their own delight.
With doubled dupes we all rewrite
Deception as our only right.


Impostor Syndrome is R-E-A-L

Do you battle self-doubt in your pursuit of excellence and constantly feel like your incompetence will one day be uncovered by your brilliant colleagues who, of course, NEVER make the mistakes you make?

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