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Why the sheeple vaccinate

Roll up, roll up! It’s the greatest debate in town. On one side, the idiot child abusers; on the other, lazy sheeple deceived by vast corporate conspiracies. 501 more words

Unsolicited Opinion

Having conversations that count

Death comes to all of us but we are so good at curing people we sometimes lose sight of the cycle of life.

Not the most upbeat start to my blog but this was a quote I heard from Dr Barry Snow at the Conversations that Count morning tea this week. 434 more words

Our People

No Jab, No Pay... Immunisation the Government Way.

The Australian government has introduced a new policy dubbed ‘no jab, no pay’ that would “strip childcare and welfare benefits from any parent who refuses to immunize their children.” The policy was a “recommendation of the… 1,195 more words


A jab in the dark

So, aside from the fact that we’ve daringly extended ourselves into four-word slogans now, what’s new about “No jab, no pay!” and will it work? 608 more words

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Immunisation, the media and the amplification of irrational anxiety

Brian McNair, Queensland University of Technology

The government’s ‘no jab, no pay’ policy, which will restrict childcare benefits for those parents who refuse to have their kids immunised, may seem harsh to some. 1,275 more words


No jab no pay

“No jab, no pay” in the OZ caught my eye.


It’s not the fee policy at an Oxford Street Bordello but one of those stories which demonstrates the unresolvable tension between both philosophical/political traditions on each side of the horseshoe. 249 more words

Is the vaccination debate distracting us from a bigger issue?

A quick note before we get to today’s post: This post is not designed to be a forum to debate whether or not we  should vaccinate. 1,508 more words