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How to write a pro vaccine article

Here’s a great example  X

This is what I took away from “California Set to Mandate Childhood Vaccines Amid Intense Fight” in the New York Times. 172 more words


Did someone say shots?

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about those particular shots, but the good old vaccinations.

When you start to travel for a living, you need to really look after yourself and your health. 359 more words


18 June 2015

No jab, no grab is our potentially overprotective but justifiable condition on all of Banjo’s visitors (let’s not kid ourselves, they come to see the kid, not his parents). 380 more words


Who’s the best: GP or Baby Clinic?

The reality of having a reliable baby clinic for you baby’s health hit in, in the first few weeks after giving birth.

That is when the new mom and her cub have to report to a clinic for a check-up and 6 week immunisation on the new born. 394 more words

Must Know About Babies

IMMUNITY- Defence against disease (PART 3)


Previous blog I discussed what is autoimmune disorder and you can find that by clicking the link below Please do have a look!

https://aborablog.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/immunity-defence-against-disease-part-2/ 889 more words


Vaccination - The Referenced Facts

I am a person that is solely convinced by facts when it comes to contentious issues, but so much of the literature regarding vaccination is based on an argument of emotion. 1,437 more words


The man who draws ducks draws a long bow against vaccine science

Michael Leunig was a guest on ABC News Breakfast to chat about his new book Musings From The Inner Duck, his role as a cartoonist and the impact of his commentary both political and social. 1,518 more words