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Eternal Universe May Still be Viable Theory

According to a recent Yahoo! News article, Canadian researchers are reviving the theory that the universe is infinitely old! (although, they don’t dispute most of the Big Bang, they dispute the idea of a singularity going back to the beginning of time)… 6 more words

God Lights a Cigarette, by pdlyons

God Lights a Cigarette

On the wood, shadows. Down the
windows, hazy through the drapes
spills the rain. The night,
curving rolling with motion still… 149 more words

We are not immortal.

We live and we die. We are not immortal, no matter how much you wish you was.
It’s important to face your own mortality so it won’t shock you when it’s decided to turn around. 294 more words


63 Knowledge of the Mysteries

From anger arises delusion. From delusion, the wandering of memory. From the wandering of memory, the destruction of intelligence. From the destruction of intelligence, one is lost. 833 more words


Moment of Perfection

I don’t recall which day it was
of the thousands I have lived
when I realized that nothing lasts
and what a shame it was… 164 more words


The immortality that was

If I would had closed my eyes,
I would had felt the immortality that was,
the love she has for the seers who close their eyes… 45 more words