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"We Have Front-Row Seats To An Imminent Market Shock", Hedge Fund Billionaire Warns

Source: zerohedge

Having previously noted that “this is the best shorting opportunity since 2007-9,” Billionaire hedge fund manager Cripsin Odey warns that (just as Goldman has noted) the global economy is h”eaded for recession and central banks will not be able to able to come to the rescue because they have exhausted the arsenal of policy weapons.” No matter what happens, he chides, the market shrugs it off as they are “kind of relying on central banks pulling a rabbit out of a hat.” They will not, … 235 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

I Almost Slipped Away

I week almost slipped past me. I was immersed in incomprehensibility. Seems I have ineluctable infernal and imminent issues that are insistent and icky.

I feel what ideally would have been ill-fated to me but is now ironclad, in my head anyway… 58 more words

Gorbachev Says War With Russia Is Imminent


Ex Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev has said that he believes the United States is attempting to drag Russia into a war and is pulling the European Union into the situation too. 707 more words

Jewish Question