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Iran-Iraq-Iran: The Journey of a Lifetime(Part 2)

“Jaffer, the moment you set foot in the land of Iraq, prostrate in front of Almighty Allah and thank him for making this journey possible” … 1,179 more words

Imam Hussain

Iran-Iraq-Iran: The Journey of a Lifetime(Part 1)

Prologue: It has been nearly two years since I made the most memorable journey of my life. A journey which could not be put into words. 1,231 more words

Imam Hussain

Our first trip to Iraq

Eid e Nawrooz mubarak bashe! Nawrooz is a big deal here. The beginning of spring and the wonderful weather that ushers in with the new season. 590 more words

Family Life

Why we mourn imam Hussain

The short history of mankind is a repetitive one, filled with rise and fall of one tyrant after another. From the pharohs, the babylonians to the romans and all the way to the current empires. 445 more words


Poetry : Hymns of Karbala

Listen to the author recite Hymns of Karbala : https://muharramnyc.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/hymns-of-karbala-3.mp3

Hymns of Karbala

The 1990s were the years of El Niño,
the Golden Age of hip-hop, 322 more words

Imam Hussain

With Tears And Prayers...

He sat a child down on his lap
And showed the ummah his love.
He recited ayah e qurbat
Revealed from the heavens above.

He announced aloud his perfection… 406 more words

Imam Hussain

Hindu Muslim Unity: Hindu brahmins participate in Shia Ashura

DELHI:  Indian Shiites commemorated Ashura, which for them is a day of mourning that honors the martyrdom of the Imam Husain, grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, who was supposedly killed at the 7th century Battle of Karbala. 230 more words

Communal Harmony