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Uite, dom’ne, ce oameni deosebiți!

Postăm un selfie de la baie, cu părul ud de la duș, doar-doar mai primim vreo 60 de like-uri, să ne validăm frumusețea și inspirația creatoare că am ales acest fundal. 267 more words


A Journey through Golden Fields to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Classic Cars at the Motor Festival

Today I found myself in the driver’s seat once more (6 weeks after my hip operation) and joining the queue of cars heading into Stratford-upon-Avon. 265 more words


A Breeze in all Directions

On a very overcast morning, I slowly sip my herbal tea
In a cup with painted cherry blossoms
Gazing at a breeze that blows in all directions… 144 more words

The biggest blessing a person can have in his life is being able to find the meaning of the life,from rubble of despair,uncertainty and chances of turning into dust of anonymity.
Freehand Writing

Our Story: Behind The Aloha Project

Our Story:

Peggy and I are not “connected” people, we’re not “influential” people and we’re not people who wish to be either. What we are connected to is spirit and a handful of friends and family who live as modestly as we do. 299 more words


I’ve blogged several times about how we all seem to wish all of our time away. About how we just try to make it through to the end of the day and never really enjoy the time that we have. 402 more words


Treasures on the Cutting Room Floor

Sometimes part of keeping your imagination alive is taking time out of your huge projects and interjecting yourself into worlds that you relate to but may not necessarily feel passionate about. 1,854 more words