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Short Story

While I ignore my much larger and grander obligations to my main fiction novel that I am trying to write while I am 21, let me mention this short story. 29 more words


Ain't so funny

The funny thing about love is, it never looks like how you’d imagined.

You find him attractive, you both hit it off, and you feel like FINALLY I have found one that has essence. 155 more words

decent we imagine

how many  times

does it conclude

and where it longs

to  be clear

and where it was the

dance  its own  zoomja

and  why would you… 30 more words


The Leadership Vacuum

Imagine that your best friends invited you and your partner to go on a cruise. They have booked your tickets, taken care of accommodations on the ship, and promised that it will be an experience you will be delighted to have. 553 more words


I Can Be Whatever My Heart Desires

So today, I’m going to be a dragon. Why not? I’ll go eat some steak and roar a lot, maybe terrorize a village or take a dragon nap. 48 more words

The ideal life?! Just thinking out to myself.

The ideal life (just imagining things).


Become a pilot which travel more than 5 hours of flight. Buy a brompton, and package it with your suitcase. 59 more words