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Glitch Images

Created 2013:

As I progressed in my Music, Media and Performance course in U.L., my knowledge and appreciation of Digital Arts enhanced. With this, I developed a keen admiration of Glitch Art.  89 more words


West End Walks. 387 Danforth Street

387 Danforth Street. A home from the deeper past.

387 Danforth Street. The William Vaughan house. This is from a much earlier era than it’s neighbors. 301 more words


Faded Memories

This collection presents images I used which would inspire my AS Level Textiles Coursework Project which explored memory and being compared to my present physical form, looking upon it as if a carrier of all these moments that I long for back. 60 more words


Photoshop Poster

Created 2012:

The following image was something that I created using Photoshop. The purpose of the picture was for entertainment. However, the techniques used in creating the picture display my capabilities using Photoshop.