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Idioms in Pictures

Joe Eitzen, an artist from Seattle, Washington, USA has used Digital photography to design a group of brilliant images. The art illustrates idioms in pictures. You can find Joe Eitzen’s 47 unique images at Idioms in Pictures.


When We Went Dark

Here is a poster I created for the performance ‘When We Went Dark’, directed and written by Elizabeth Isaac.


Closer and closer to Pluto

The New Horizons spaceprobe is now about 10 million km from Pluto, and zooming closer every day. A worrying glitch with communications has now been solved… 30 more words


You Didn't Mean It

‘I love you’ is not something you say to make face. Or to be f*cking diplomatic. Insincerity is the ultimate red flag.


Tomatoes, tomatoes...

I am keeping a daily watch on my two containers of tomatoes. Maybe it is like the old saying “A watched pot never boils”. The plants are absolutely beautiful but there just aren’t many tomatoes on them. 8 more words