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No Mo' Chemo (at least for now) 2/26/15

I have an official surgery date. April 1. No more chemo until after surgery, which I am thrilled about. I was initially beyond thrilled to finally have a surgery date after everything it took to get here. 895 more words


The Atomic Little Room with Blackout Curtains

In a schmancy little town
Beyond fickle seasons–
Blankets biting whiteness,
Peeping buds
Causing residents to bend down
And kiss them with delight
As they trumpet the coming… 180 more words


The 30th Intelligence Squadron Summed Up

The 30th Intelligence Squadron, summed up:

An imagery sweatshop.

Nothing more; nothing less

2015: The year of visual storytelling

Visuals have always been an essential component of good communication. Since we only remember 20% of what we read and 80% of our learning occurs visually, it stands to reason that visuals play a significant role in the way we communicate. 289 more words

Social Media

Transparent Intercourse

A poem created through a prompt by Mary Lambert, writer/singer/artist. http://www.marylambertsings.com/poetry

what I can give to you will flavor your body,

pure and untouched body, 87 more words

Creative Writing

The Wicked Dance Bunker

A few shots from a project we’re working on with some dancers…