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What Money Can't Buy

What money can’t buy: The Moral Limits of MarketsĀ  – written by Michael J. Sandel

Stimulus activities include thinking about different situations where money may affect the outcome. 39 more words


Watch over US

Watch over Us

Spray paint on wood.


Daily Drawing 113

For a time Gambit was my favorite X-Man. He was so cool & mysterious!


Tulips and cough-syrup

I’m currently in quarantine due to laryngitis. For an exceptionally chatty person being unable to speak without provoking a five minute coughing fit is proving hugely annoying. 26 more words


Twice as London

Everything has begun with an ordinary two floor bus. I came up with an idea of showing that actually London in general is like this, everything here has its own “two floors”, and this city contains twice as many interesting and fascinating things as you can think you’ll find here. 16 more words