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Smell of Death

Killing people is the latest fad. ISIS goes about killing people in cold blood and in the most grotesque ways that one can imagine. Irrational Islamic terrorists went on the rampage in USA, Sydney, Paris, Copenhagen. 533 more words


Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria hits Britain

New allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse have exploded recently onto the internet as the conspiracy theorists and Christian evangelists use two children as pawns to associate Satanists with the ritual abuse of children. 344 more words


Valve Hints at Half-Life 3....Duh!

Either this is for real, or Valve is trolling us hard, again. At GDC 2015, which will be held in the first week of March, Valve has… 62 more words


Rappers that turned GAY for Fame! GAY Rappers Exposed 2014

Rappers that turned GAY for Fame! GAY Rappers Exposed 2014
They are trying to push the ‘GAY’ Agenda!:


UFO Ground Zero In Jackhead, Canada

Can you believe it? A UFO crash landing has been reported in Manitoba, Canada by multiple sources. Jackhead, a native preservation territory reported of an object that hit the ice sheets next to its lake. 145 more words


Bohemian Grove is run by the Jesuit Order and Vatican

The above picture is a 1650’s illustration of the high Jesuit’s engaged in Satanic worship and pictures a baby preparing to be sacrificed in the background. 1,249 more words

Illuminati Illuminated

This year for New Year’s Eve we went to an “Illuminati” themed party.  I wanted to keep things simple and decide I would just wear my black suit and where some sort of “spooky” pocket square.  241 more words