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How to be lost

I’ve been feeling lost at lot this week.  The work stuff plays on my mind, so much so that I’m sick of thinking about it.  I have to go to a celebration of the result on Saturday night and at the same time I feel happy but like I’m attending a funeral. 309 more words

“The fact that we are living does not mean we are not sick.” ―Joseph Brodsky



Sometimes after vomiting
I feel like I could dance and sing
But I’ve an average voice at best
So mostly I lie down and rest


More than fatigue

Feeling exhausted everyday, all day long is extremely draining physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is so much more than fatigue it is being exhausted after the simplest of  tasks. 25 more words


I'm Alive

A fact which, if I am being honest, is the closest thing to a Miracle that I am likely to experience.

I know it wasn’t a miracle. 178 more words


A Wise Thought

If happiness is not the absence of problems but instead the ability to deal with them, then perhaps this is also true:

Wellness is not the absence of illness, pain and suffering, but instead the ability to accept the elements of illness in your life and learning to manage them. 98 more words

I’m Not Lucky… I Am Blessed

I spoke to two important men in my life yesterday. Each of them is important for a different reason, but I love them both dearly. 742 more words

Chronic Pain