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Recognising the signs - mental illness and negotiation

Negotiation is hard at the best of times, but when someone’s life may be in your hands its best if you know the signs.

Mental illness in Britain is often not talked about. 371 more words


Hot Toddy Q & A

I’m not sure if the hot toddies I imbibed helped shorten my cold or just made it more bearable.

Question: Does one need to be suffering from a cold in order to enjoy the wondrous concoction known as a hot toddy? 145 more words


Following in Mum's paw prints...

I haven’t been well. Deana thinks I have what Mum has. She took me to the vet, so that I could have the same meds as Mum has but our normal vet had gone home to Romania for a few weeks and we had to see a vet who doesn’t know me well. 451 more words

Getting Old

It's clearly flu season

I’ve been hit by the flu again. I think I’ve had all the strains for this flu season now. It started Tuesday afternoon with a sudden onset of coughing, headache, congestion and a low fever and only a couple of hours later I was in bed with a splitting headache and a 39 degree fever. 329 more words


Update February 28th 2015

Ugh…I am super sick right now. I completely blame my illness on my infectious work colleagues…Friggin Typhoid Marys…. So my life is currently tissues, Lem-Sip and soup. 185 more words

The Five Lists Project

The 'Smelly Stuff'

Okay, so I am ill again (whoop whoop) and although thinking and posting is the last thing I feel like doing, I will go mad if I have to sit watching day time TV again feeling poorly and sorry for myself and having a sudden mild aversion to tea (I know right, this got serious). 319 more words

Being Ill


This is a post I’m putting up at all my Blogs, even though that particular Blog may be unaffected due to scheduled posting, etc. Blog posts may be down a little at the moment and that for the last week or so. 67 more words