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Fascism's Invasion of the American University Replacing Search for Knowledge

Scott Johnson at PowerLine offers the following article to illustrate the rise of fascism and the expense of learning knowledge at today’s American university:

IT’S NOT EASY GOING GREEN… 253 more words


Leftists Living Off of the German and American Tit for Perpetual Substance

In today’s America it’s the leftist population, led by black racists, Sandra Fluke feminists, Latino illegal invaders and their advocates and such who are living off of the American workers’ tit for the past two generations. 230 more words


Illegal Mexican immigrants protest Ann Coulter's book signing in Costa Mesa, California...

Whether you like Ann Coulter or not, she didn’t deserve this. It’s also the beginning of Obama’s transformation of America. Obama is trying to have a race war with blacks vs. 465 more words


Go get ’em, Donald!

Hurray for Donald Trump’s immigration accusations

By Chip Wood

When Donald Trump announced he would seek the Republican nomination for president, everyone knew he wouldn’t worry about being politically correct — far from it. 622 more words

Drug War

Univision, Fusion, Jorge Ramos: Illegal Immigration Activists

Ted Cruz SLAMS immigration activist with one killer question

By: Michael Dorstewitz


Sen. Ted Cruz shut down Univision anchor and Fusion TV host Jorge Ramos on illegal immigration, by turning a gotcha question around into a gotcha answer, and giving the host a lesson on the rule of law. 98 more words

Illegal Immigration

MSM & Women's Rights Advocates Ignore These Facts

A few days ago, Kate Steinle was murdered at a popular tourist location less than six miles from my home. Her killer was a five-times deported, recently released felon awaiting another deportation hearing. 523 more words


Honeymoon over! AZ República equates Brnovich to Trump*

In a preposterous editorial, the illegal alien promoters at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) spew their rage through clenched teeth. 421 more words