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Church Leaders to Blame for Today's Feminized Garbage Dump and Black Racist America?

Dear Reader, try to remember that anarchic revolution, the rape, pillage, and burn one which shook our once beloved country in the 1960s and 1970s from which America’s belief in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has never recovered, and probably never will. 386 more words

Barack Obama

Tanzania shuts the door to African expats

While the East African region begins to open its borders to the free flow of skilled workers, Tanzania is slamming them shut on expatriate communities. Aamera Jiwaji asks: Is the country killing the geese that have been laying the golden eggs? 1,008 more words

May 2015

Today is!

This is the wonderful day when every Comsymp comes out of the woodwork to celebrate whatever PUSSANT gains they have made over the past year AND CRY OVER THE FACT THAT THE SOVIET UNION went tits up. 44 more words


From serious to saDcarstic news : countdown.

Many news items surface in the last day so that it would be hard to separate them into categories.  the best option to cover them all is then to rank them from serious to be answered fully down to a bit ridiculous to be smacked with one liners. 3,058 more words


The Mediterranean Problem

The Mediterranean has always been a rather large cemetery with countless sea battles across the centuries but recently it has become so for another reason entirely. 959 more words

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