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Appeals Court Nixes Obama's Efforts to Lift Ban on Deporting Illegals

From Fox News.

A federal appeals court refused Tuesday to allow the implementation, for now, of Obama’s executive action that could shield from deportation as many as 5 million illegal immigrants.

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'Exceptionally dishonest’: Did Hillary Clinton forget she said this about illegal immigration? [video]

Yesterday, the Fifth Circuit Court declined to lift a stay on President Obama’s immigration plan, and there can be no greater beacon of ethical integrity to come to the White House’s defense than Hillary Clinton: 356 more words

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Federal Appeals Court Tells Obama "No" to Amnesty E.O. Presidential Temper Tantrum Ensues.

The high-pitched wailing, which was heard around America yesterday afternoon, was not our Civil Defense Warning System being activated.

It was Petulant President Pantywaist himself, Barack Hussein Obama, having a Presidential Temper Tantrum, because he did not get his way. 1,614 more words


The Arsonist Within the Republic...

Ann Coulter has a new book coming out, “Adios America“.  Essentially a full throated point of advocacy outlining the inherent danger of illegal immigration.  562 more words

Appeals court slap Obama again on Amnesty. Upholds Texas Injunction

The good news is that the courts are holding tough on Obama when we finally get a hearing. Whether it be FOIA requests, or making the long march to the Supremes. 172 more words


*Updates* BREAKING: The Hanen Injunction Upheld in 5th Circuit Court of Appeals - *Update* Full Outline...

Texas Judge Hanen previously blocked Obama’s unconstitutional “Executive Action on immigration” which expanded deferred deportation and granted employment status for illegal aliens.  The DOJ… 1,737 more words

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