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Dearest Calliope,

I am no longer held
together by any
but my own
bright laughter.

Bring your pen, your
sacred tablets,
your love of war,
the words… 52 more words

P is for Patroclos

Finally, we’re up to P!  Patroclos is definitely my favorite character in the Trojan War, and quite possibly my favorite mortal in all the Greek myths. 3,652 more words

Greek Mythology

Political Philosophy in the Iliad

Book Two of the Iliad is the most politically revealing passage found in Homeric literature.

Recall our heroes, the disparate Achaean princes feuding with one another. 1,296 more words

To the critics of "manufactured mythology"

At the outset of this little diatribe, I think it necessary to get one fact straight. All mythologies are manufactured. Every myth, no matter what its age, was once new. 357 more words


I is for Iphis

I’ve mentioned her before–and I’ll likely mention her again–but Iphis is one of the least known figures in Greek myths.  Seriously, she’s only mentioned like twice in all the surviving literature.   1,827 more words

Greek Mythology

Words Crush Wednesday; G is for Glaucos

So, once more it’s Words Crush Wednesday, but it’s also still the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge!  And that means I’m going to have to do something a little tricky here.   1,450 more words

Greek Mythology

MT Iliad Book VI

Reminder: Projects are due Monday night (for electronic) and Tuesday in class (for hard copy)

Agenda Mon, Apr 6 to Fri, Apr 10, 2015

Monday in class: Summary/Review of Research Paper is Due… 298 more words

Myth Tradition Assignments