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Words Crush Wenesday: The Homeric Version

Okay, today’s Words Crush Wednesday quote is going to be a super-long one!  Because I’ve decided to do the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge (see link on side-bar) so starting next week, my quotes are going to have to be tied to the letter of the alphabet assigned to that particular Wednesday.   565 more words

Greek Mythology

Working on Ignite Presentations

Hi folks!  We are spending the rest of the week creating Ignite presentations.

Here is the handout which reminds you of the requirements.

Here’s a link to what an… 28 more words

Greek, Roman Worlds

The Iliad as a Primary Epic.

Answer: Undoubtedly, an epic is a great part of English Literature. So, in this way we’ve to know it first that, ‘what is an epic?’ 116 more words


MT Iliad Book 5 (Week 5)

Monday, March 23, 2015

In Class

All Sections: Discuss answers for remaining questions

Sections 2 and 3: Warrior Culture Quotes Handout (DOWNLOAD: Iliad V Warrior Culture Handout… 99 more words

Myth Tradition Assignments

“Patroclus eased up alongside him and shattered his right jaw with his spear, driving the point through his teeth, then, gripping the shaft, levered him up and over his chariot rail, the way a man sitting on a jutting rock with a fishing rod flips a flounder he has hooked out of the sea. 19 more words


The True Story of Troy

Hi folks!  Today and tomorrow you will be watching the documentary, The True Story of Troy.  


Greek, Roman Worlds

Words Crush Wednesday - The Homeric Version

Here’s hoping I can type this.  I cut the tip of my finger on a sliver of glass (I shoulda known that shadow box was on clearance for a reason!) and it hurts like heck, especially whenever I apply pressure…and it’s hard not to do that when you’re typing, y’know?   326 more words

Greek Mythology