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Disappointed in Research

Back in 2012, I was reading the Iliad with an online group, and I was amazed when I got to these lines about the famous… 1,341 more words


Ajax's Frustration and Achilles' Shield: Two Moments for 'Justice' in Homer's Iliad

The Iliad provides two moments where some type of institutional (non-violent) conflict resolution is imagined. Note, though murder is mentioned, capital punishment is not. And Homer’s world is certainly a savage one… 237 more words


Words Crush Wednesday - The Homeric Version

Since this week’s myth is finally going to be the rest of the Theban cycle (or, more likely, just the first half of it, or possibly even only a third), so I thought for this week’s… 355 more words

Greek Mythology

Monday Morning PSA: What Does Honor Mean to the Dead?

Iliad 9.315-320

“I don’t think that I would obey Atreus’ son Agamemnon
Nor should the rest of the Danaans, since there is no recompense at all… 71 more words


The Iliad - Book one, part one

The first recording of me trying my hands at bardic skills. I’ve listened to this, of course, and hope that one day this will be able to serve as a record of how far I’ve come in my bardic interpretation. 125 more words


If You Feel Rage Coming On, Sing Yourself A Song: Aelian on Kleinias and Achilles

Aelian, 14.23 Achilles plays the Lyre to Calm his Rage

“Kleinias was serious in his manner and he was a Pythagorean in his philosophical training. If he was ever driven towards rage or had a sense of getting hot-headed, immediately before he became too overwhlemed with anger and before it was clear it was coming, he picked up the lyre and began to play. 381 more words


Greeks at War: Studying the Iliad

It’s possible to see this as one of the things that writers do instead of writing, but I recently started the edX course on the Iliad.   220 more words