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I would say that I am one of those Americans who stays completely ignorant to the world around them. If it doesn’t have a nice ring to it, I’m usually not listening. 184 more words


It’s the new disability

Gnawing away in blinkered minds.

Not understanding to acknowledge

Opinions not able to bend,

Reason with or open to expand.

Arrogant in its slim margin, 19 more words


Unstuck In Time

Hi There Friends. I am finally Unstuck. In. Time.

It’s true. I’ve been frozen solid and now I ain’t. Physically and Mentally. It’s been a whopping negative tits around these parts. 153 more words


Turn on Your F_ _ _ _ _ g headlights!

An important safety issue:

So many questions!

What is so difficult about turning on headlights at dusk?

What is so difficult about turning on headlights in inclement weather? 16 more words


Inner Growth

What is one thing you’ve learned as you’ve aged?

I was ignorant. Hell, I still am. We all are. At least about some things. I was sitting having a discussion with some people on Facebook and it got me thinking. 364 more words


The fall from Eden

Where to begin? I guess I should start with the obvious, i’m currently sitting in a library in Madrid. Not an ordinary library, no, the type of library that makes you put your shit in a plastic bag and walk through security clearance before you can even attempt to learn… When I say shit I speak of my possessions. 973 more words


Stupid People!

Today has been one of those days where stupid ppl have been all around! Tonight I had to deal with trash talk, lying and all in all bull shit! 108 more words