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Honor, Patriotism and Ignorance

As the officially observed day of America’s independence from the repressive, tyrannical King George, I am saddened that we, as Americans, have chosen to implement repression, throwing away liberties without regard to the fight that took place to provide them. 447 more words



Now what I have here is a simple email.

A simple email response from Eon Energy over a complaint.

Now I should not have to point out that not everyone reads their emails every single day, not even me. 388 more words

Idiom of the Day

From my long experience (I am an octogenarian), I have found that the idiom most people get wrong is this:

Whether I hear it spoken or see it in print, this idiom frequently is expressed as “First come, first serve.” However, this is not about tennis. 25 more words


Tweets Do Not Always Work Well

Note: To avoid the possibility of personal liability, specific names have been omitted.

Recently, I received a recall notice for one of my cars. As instructed, I called the dealer for an appointment. 320 more words


Spelling-Challenged State Senator Claims Marriage Equality Is A Victory For The Mentally Ill

Meet North Dakota state Senator Dwight Kiefert.

Kiefert, unfortunately, had a bad day last Friday with the legalization of gay marriage across the entire United States. 171 more words


BEING IGNORANT IS NOT COOL, NOT KNOWING YOUR POWER MEANS YOU ARE IGNORANT IN FAITH? Ignorance is no Defence and that s true of faith! The ignorant in faith face a life filled with fear doubt, affliction, non achievement, lack of direction If you have the truth you will make it life, run faster, nothing can cross you or push you back and you will go against them. 129 more words

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