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Eyes are watching and I am sick of it.

Some of you will remember me writing about my dislike for the small town that we live in, how eyes are always watching and I hate that.  390 more words


“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

We find ourselves on the wrong end of a bad customer interaction. Or at least we feel very strongly that we have been mistreated and done in by a staff member, or company. 916 more words

Where Do We Start

Money out of politics is the first place we need to start to conquer all our issues. I wallow in thought as to what is happening to our planet ( 277 more words


Hard to Find

Our news sources are atrocious. After the Iraq war, news journalists became political agenda promoters. No longer did America have a biased, hard-hitting news option unless we dug and prodded for honest reports. 305 more words

News Be...

PC idiots

British soldiers told not to shout at, insult terror suspects, report claims:

I thought that all of the PC idiots were here in the USA but I see that they have a  bunch of cousins in the UK. 516 more words


Skins (Edited)


I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a vegetarian, but I avoid eating meat as much as I can. I know how animals are harvested in order for humans to be able to eat them, it’s a world of nameless cruelty. 349 more words

The It Project


Written: 11/10/2014

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Uneducated. Uneducated.

Mr. & Mrs. Undereducated.

Come here. Let me talk to you.

Sit down and let me color you. 215 more words