HTML Web-Resource show Image attached to the Notes Section

MS Dynamics CRM allows us to store picture (gif, jpg, png, etc.) in annotation entity.

If we want to include notes in a custom entity, enable the option “NOTES” under “Communication & Collaboration” Tab while creating the entity or else you can enable it whenever you want. 365 more words

Dynamics CRM 2013

jQuery $(document).ready () fires twice

The anchor tags to certain parts on the page were not working as expected recently. On probing in to the issue I discovered that the $(document).ready() fired twice. 19 more words


How to make iframe responsive

Hello reader !

How to make responsive iframe. We all are face this problem normally so there is an

example and i hope it will helps you. 67 more words


Get iframe content

To get element say hidden field value residing in an iFrame from the parent form, you can do something on parent form’s client side like: 8 more words


How to switch between Frames

Frame is a part of website which can be changed without reloading the complete website. Frame is basically a container where few elements can be grouped. 250 more words

Basic Selenium

Re-blogged: How to download a file from Sitecore Sheer UI Popup

I had this case where you need to download a file from a Sitecore Sheer UI Popup, like a PDF file or Excel Sheet directly from the browser without using the SaveAs dialog. 165 more words


WordPress Plugin Zero-Day Vulnerability Affects Thousands of Sites

It is certainly important to share this type of information considering the number of sites based on a WordPress framework.  Please review and update your sites accordingly.


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