postMessage: Cross Domain iframe interaction between child & parent

Cross domain interaction between embedded page and parent can be done using window.postMessage(). This is secure way of cross-origin communication when properly used.

Syntax – window.postMessage(message, targetOrigin, ); 108 more words

Cross Domain

Download a file from the server using dynamic iframe invoked by a click event (Javascript)

Quick guidelines for adding an iframe dynamically in our code (Angular framework):

Step 1 – lets code!

In your controller, inject $scope and add a download function, on the function signature pass the $event argument, to avoid any issues we’ll remove the intended iframe (just in case it exists). 87 more words


Gmail & IFrames with Selenium WebDriver & Java

There were (or are) a lot of opinions that testers from OUTSIDE of Google shouldn’t test their products – and they are right : D In 100% I agree with them. 311 more words


iFrame CSS setting to allow full screen (allowfullscreen/webkitallowfullscreen/mozallowfullscreen)

iframe id=”id1″ runat=”server” visible=”false” src=”” width=”410″ height=”230″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen


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Creating blog - continue

To display list of blog entries on blog, we need to use conditional tags – <cms:if k_is_page > before HTML code starts on top of the file. 216 more words

Veronika Lesnakova

HTML Web-Resource show Image attached to the Notes Section

MS Dynamics CRM allows us to store picture (gif, jpg, png, etc.) in annotation entity.

If we want to include notes in a custom entity, enable the option “NOTES” under “Communication & Collaboration” Tab while creating the entity or else you can enable it whenever you want. 364 more words

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