SEEDLabs: Clickjacking attack lab (Part 2)

In the previous post, part 1, we successfully did the task 1. In this part, we are going to do solve the iFrame section, proposed a clickjacking attack scenario and the countermeasure for this attack. 1,248 more words

Computer Security

Dynamically Resizing Iframes In Summer 2015

We’ve all been there, you include a Visualforce page on a Salesforce standard page layout that contains dynamic content and you either end up with scroll bars, or an iframe that the content does not fit in. 344 more words


IFrame in ADF Application - Menu and Show Page in IFrame by Rohan Walia

ADF Applications uses power of reusable task flows to be embed as regions in the page, which can be refreshed based on the use cases. … 244 more words


postMessage: Cross Domain iframe interaction between child & parent

Cross domain interaction between embedded page and parent can be done using window.postMessage(). This is secure way of cross-origin communication when properly used.

Syntax – window.postMessage(message, targetOrigin, ); 108 more words


Download a file from the server using dynamic iframe invoked by a click event (Javascript)

Quick guidelines for adding an iframe dynamically in our code (Angular framework):

Step 1 – lets code!

In your controller, inject $scope and add a download function, on the function signature pass the $event argument, to avoid any issues we’ll remove the intended iframe (just in case it exists). 87 more words