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Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover and Forsake Easter

Pesach a.k.a. Passover is coming. The days of preparation for Passover have begun. We jews and even the goyim believers in Y’shua that keep the feast days are busy preparing our homes for Pesach by casting out all of the leavening from out home. 1,385 more words


Battle of the Gods

This week, we look at the first nine plagues that happened in Egypt in Exodus 7-10. The question up until now in the book of Exodus has been “who is the LORD?” But from Moses’ point of view, and especially from the people’s point of view, it seems like the LORD has been all talk and no action. 1,569 more words

Preparing For Worship

Idolatry in Catholicism

A common objection to catholicism is the claim of idolatry.  The argument goes a little something like this: the bible says not to make a graven image or worship that image (Ten Commandments).   660 more words


Dismissing the Whore

by Jason Rodenbeck

There is a quote that is often attributed to St. Augustine, “The Church is a whore, but she is my mother.” However, as with a lot of these quotes, it’s not clear that he actually did say it, though I have heard Tony Campolo… 2,012 more words

Original Pieces

Romans: Session 2

What Makes God Angry?

Romans 1:18-32

It is really easy to read through Romans 1 and fail to ask some very important questions regarding our faith. 1,025 more words

When Good Things Go Bad (or, On Subtle Idolatry)

Thoughts after discussion and prayer concerning our church’s vision/mission in Youngstown.

Do you worship the God of mission, the God who has a heart for the orphans, the widows, the impoverished, the sick, the down-trodden? 561 more words

Gracious God

Denying The 'God-ness' of God

Idolatry, at its best, can be overturned and corrected. Idolatry, at its worst, can further diminish the very nature of Who God really is within the minds of those who already subscribe to unbelief in Him. 304 more words