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Notes to the E-universe

I understand electronics are an important business and personal tool.  However, as my job depends on electronics, and as I use electronics at home, I have a few notes to the E-universe “gods” at large (and one for the demons) : 803 more words

Why The Bible Shouldn't Be Worshiped (Repost)

Wow! John Pavlovitz does it again! I’ve reposted how many of his blogs on mine these last couple of weeks? The man just knows what’s going on. 3,417 more words



He spreads snow like a white fleece,
he scatters frost like ashes,
He broadcasts hail like birdseed––
who can survive his winter?
Then he gives the command and it all melts; 12 more words


A Nation Suffers...

Read 2 Chronicles 28

Focus on verse 5 & 19

The actions of leaders of nations have a direct affect upon the people they lead. One need only consider the plight of the people of North Korea in comparison to those who live in South Korea. 398 more words

Daily Devotional

BA BA BA BIG! (Trouble)

Has anyone else noticed the size of shopping mall buildings and movie theaters? They are absolutely gigantic.

When did that happen? When did it become popular to put merchandise into buildings 10 times too big? 395 more words

Light Hearted

Tripped up in the church: how Balaams and Jezebels influence congregations

When the Lord Jesus sent out his letters to the seven churches in Asia via his apostle John (Revelation 1-3), he gave us an accurate picture of how churches would operate in the last days before his return. 619 more words


our smoggy culture

There has been a video going around Facebook this week in which Russell Brand provides some very insightful views on the effects of porn on a person. 472 more words