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Confessions of an idiot

Have you ever confessed your feelings to someone only to ruin a perfectly good friendship? Why is it then even though I know that obviously the friends outlandish response was proof that she wasn’t really a good friend to start with, do I now feel like an absolute idiot. 44 more words


'Draw Muhammad' contest planned in Phoenix

The geniuses behind this rally have suggested that people coming to it should bring their guns so that they can manifest their 2nd Amendment rights. why are these people so hell bent on stirring an ant hill that is not doing any harm to them. 35 more words

Stage 1: Denial... Or Venting

Hey, I’m not sure why anyone would want to read this… But fuck it.. I’m going to do what I want.

I’ve never written a blog before.. 406 more words


If you feel like an idiot or are freaking out at all just think of me right now and you'll feel a lot better:

After watching yet another horror film I found myself quite ‘on edge’ (as you can probably imagine). My friend, Zoe, and I were sitting ‘socialising’ (sitting on our own devices not talking to each other at all) when I noticed a buzzing coming from my window. 191 more words

30 Posts in 30 days #27: After So Many Posts

I have a terrible memory. Horrid. I look on FaceBook to find out how old I am. I have little sticky notes everywhere. I avidly use the reminder function on my phone. 191 more words


Narendra Modi- A Chatterbox Prime Minister

Our hon’ble PM is a chatterbox- speaks more & works for the poor less. Besides as a RSS preach arak Modiji used to move around countrywide and organised cultural programmes in villages as a way to communicate Sangh ideology. 393 more words

Stupid News – 05/28/15

Kicking things off today with 2 ladies and a fight over a LAST RIB. As a fat man, I get it. You got your eye on the last bit of goodness and someone takes it? 509 more words