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So, I was hanging around at FMD as I normally do when a little bored and I got a message of this super cool person who ended up passing me a bunch of his creations. 106 more words


Does Careless Whisper Really Make Anything Sexy?

I wrote a post similar to this one almost two years ago (again for an older blog), and upon reviewing the videos I just had to share them again. 205 more words


The Tower of London Dare: THAT Video

A while back, I wrote a post about the fact that I literally can’t take my sister anywhere without her threatening to do something completely stupid or outrageous. 100 more words


The Sunburn of All Sunburns

There will be no pictures to accompany this because funnily enough I didn’t really let people photograph me whilst I was looking like a tomato. 445 more words



So, I decided to try to lose ten pounds. Just ten. Not a big deal. Not a ton of weight. Just enough to make my jeans a little less snug and perhaps make me feel a little better about myself. 940 more words