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I love Satan

I am terrible I know… I did so enjoy this picture.


Idiot Ramblings

Choices In Drugs

Ye all know, life gives us many places where we have to make choices.

Shall I eat pizza or burgers tonight, or tuck into a good home-cooked meal with all the trimmings – the roast potatoes, squash, courgettes, cheesy cauliflower? 731 more words


Male Bloggers Be like

Response to Opinionated man’s post ‘Women Bloggers Be Like‘. Cheers J!

Dick: Dude, ‘The Red Stripe Leprechauns’ sucked last season.

Dave: They were not performing well because ‘Joe’ was playing left wing and he has had a bad run, the coach should have put him on the bench and put ‘Jock’ in. 252 more words


We live

Do we ever learn?

Sipping a cool glass of red liquid.

Preparing a – potato bake obviously as it cooks itself.

Relaxing whilst blogging….

Bloody drugs we use to keep us afloat ;) 91 more words


Motivated by Words - Emotivated!

I created a word. I thought I created a word. I felt emotional and motivated. Emotionally motivated!

I discovered that ‘emotivated’ is not in the dictionary. 315 more words


A Picture Painted Mindfully is Worth a Thousand Words - are clichés all that is left?

With the exception of a reblogged article, I have not posted in five days. That has got to be some streak? But how is this one? 859 more words


Wisdom Of Youth

I am forcing myself, and it is hard, to not get involved in reading/listening to too many things around right now. I even had the hub -man switch off the news this morning…  I keep getting stuck in moments. 1,012 more words