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Stream Of Conciousness ~ Conciousness Unconscious

I am bored with mediocre.

I want to bring out my guns blazing and die so trying.

I am probably not going to because – I know better how to protect myself. 553 more words

Idiot Ramblings

The Politics Of Idiot Politics? Idiotism? Or WHY I am an Idiot - part - pulling the piss.

So I am pretty much presuming that everyone would be pleased if I never wrote another political post?

Particularly as most of you are from that other side of the world there – that big place you call America/Canada… 1,079 more words

Idiot Ramblings

Post Break Fast -

Was it Breakfast?

Uncooked breakfast oats. – roughage and anti-fungal. ☑
Plain natural yoghurt. – probiotics – kills bastard Candida ☑
Honey. – natural antibiotic/antibacterial ☑ 195 more words



Anyone notice the mistake of a rookie space geek in this previous post?

Earth’s shadow? Neh uh… EARTHSHINE! I LOVE this.

Easy enough mistake to make really when it is late and one is listening to a teenager say earthshine and you have never heard the term…ever… sh sh sh…shadow…shine…all sounds the same… shit… 68 more words

Idiot Ramblings

Wow - The Spiral Turns

Thank you again.

I woke up to such beautiful words placed here today.

The cycle IS turning. I AM staying strong- and how can I not with such great encouragement and positive vibes sent through the universe to us? 309 more words


Thank You

I am a bit behind on comments and blogging life in general.

I just wanted to tell you all that – you keep me going. I am going through a bit of a rough time in a lot of areas which is mostly what creates my absence. 230 more words