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Dirt written on Drunk

Everybody’s got their pickets and their tenets rammed so firmly up themselves these days that nobody can tell the difference between a communist or a career egoist, we’ve reached an era of what I call ravenous monoculture.  1,315 more words

Column Esque

On miracles and odd decisions

I walked into the building in less than a fully chipper mood this morning, said “good morning” to the first several students I saw anyway, and was rewarded with nothing but sullen stares for my trouble.   213 more words


Go Back to Elementary School and Learn to BE AN ADULT

I’ve made no secret of my shortcomings as a parent. Yes, my children are individual unique snowflakes, just like everybody else’s, but I lack the Mommy-joy that instinctively comes to other parents when those snowflakes are all over me. 737 more words


Screw the Studs !!

Over all i think i’m in

pretty good shape …


 as soon as i can  i’ll screw in those

studs then

water proof and… 225 more words

One of these things is not like the other

I shop at a local fat man store from time to time.  They call themselves a “Big and Tall” store, but I never see tall guys in there and tall guys generally don’t need 5XL shirts, which is most of what they carry– I’m at the  220 more words


Hooray lads! Big, tough Australia finally stands up to the U.S.!

Barnaby to Depp: ‘I’m warnin‘ yer Johnny, bugger orf wiv yer dogs or so help me, we’ll kill ’em all!’

also, the same day… 175 more words

Australian Culture