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My Very Pessimistic Rant #SundayBlogShare

I am so sick of US politics it is not even funny. I am sick of US voters continually voting for idiots who would rather see the US revert back to the middle ages where superstition and myth superseded any scientific knowledge. 804 more words


Maybe think twice before you do that

So, this is interesting.  I’m fairly certain that the campaign manager of the candidate for City Clerk whose mailing I criticized the other day has made an… 258 more words


Spring 2015: More Mooning Garden Gnomes.

The signs of spring are all around you:

  • The temperature has warmed.
  • The sound of birds chirping in the morning has replaced the sound of snow blowers and the guy across the street complaining bitterly as he scrapes the ice from his car.
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In which there's some lint in there

WARNING: This is the whiniest, most inside-baseball ridiculous no-one-who-matters-will-ever-see-this whiny blog post of all time, so either click away while you still can or brace yourself. 668 more words


Three Life Lessons From The Diary Of An Idiot

I am an idiot. Everyone always said so but being an idiot I didn’t realise. I didn’t realise I was an idiot until the later years of my life, it became apparent even to someone as simple as me what I was. 3,416 more words


Cap in hand (3)

The story so far: in the last three parliaments there were 80, 92 and 85 MPs who were neither Tory nor Labour; there looks like being a similar number in the next parliament, albeit differently constituted (more SNP, fewer Lib Dems). 1,690 more words

Cheery Thoughts

Riot and Loot

Go out and register your protest,
Make sure the press knows your rage.
Attack people who have
nothing to do with your anger.
Burn, loot, and destroy. 44 more words