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Circumspect: Learning about RSS so late

I have never understood the efficacy or need for RSS. “Rich Site Summary” — I didn’t know until recently that RSS means this. My ignorance of such a basic net phenomenon shocked me. 68 more words


Slow learner

GofaDM is often used as a platform to berate the author for his idiocy.  A few readers, those who are almost suicidally charitable by nature, may still doubt whether this degree of censure is fully justified.   446 more words

Okay now I'm mad

I need y’all to understand something:  I have been ordering from Amazon for years.  I am a Prime member.  I get my damn money’s worth… 137 more words


Excuse the mess.

A follow-up post to the previous one:

Sorry. I probably should clear things up. Give you kind of an update and clarification of what’s going on. 530 more words



1 bottle of vino = approx. 650 calories

1 food binge while drinking said vino = approx. 1000 calories

23 days sober = 23(650) + 23(1000) 270 more words


Makes My Hair Stand on End!

“No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.” –Lily Tomlin

Oh crap. Things like this could give us all hernias. Or maybe ulcers? 387 more words

News And Politics

Bill Gates’s Idiocy (or Is It Psychopathy?)

Source: Washington’s Blog, by Eric Zuesse

Bill Gates was interviewed in the Thursday June 25th Financial Times, about global warming investments, and he said some remarkably stupid things, but explaining what he said requires a lot of intelligence; so, maybe what he said isn’t actually that stupid. 531 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies