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Is that time of the year again, when people compete with each other to be the number one candidate, and eventually win. It is election time at my university and we are approaching voting week, during which we will be electing our sabbatical team, to lead the student union and represent the views of over 40,000 students. 506 more words

Daily Thoughts

Among my Frivolous Thoughts

A couple of friends and I have an ongoing argument about labels and identity and whether we should or shouldn’t embrace labels. Lately, we have seen these discussions and conversations on social media- mostly on blogs and twitter. 421 more words


To Convince Your Clients They Need A Brand Not Just A Logo

The following advice has been excerpted from the May/June 2010 issue of Layers Magazine, and was written by brand identity designer Andrew Sabatier. 392 more words

Noteworthy Graphic Design

The 50th Shade of Peter

I have a confession to make. In all the posts, and stories and The Long Run book, one uniting theme, or let’s say subtle undertow, prevails. 463 more words

The Frontier Posts

It Follows

Shrouded in a Summer’s veil

somnambulant suburban streets

echo with an emptiness ,

and Time finds itself stranded

and tarries in a forever now ,forever now , 43 more words


Today I Remember 2#

Where were you born?
I am often asked that.
What country please?

And if I say Papua New Guinea
the next question is Where?

And I have the village name ready, 514 more words

Tasmanian Tribe

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