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Behind this Mask

Behind this Mask

Behind this mask I hide

Don’t ask me why

I guess it gives me a false sense of pride

All the while… 216 more words


The Faery Yuki and The Tough Rain .... Gabriel's Requiem

From a young age, Gabriel Rain is a troubled individual.

Yuki reads in a flat tone, her brown eyes searching mine; a cold, emotionless expression is etched across her face. 822 more words



Identity is a topic that is widely talked about in all forms of media, whether they use the term ‘identity’ or not. We are bombarded with the different advertising that suggests that you really should look or act a certain way in order to be liked, to have value and to gain approval.  468 more words


What's in a Number?

It was on this day in 1901 that New York became the first state to require license plates on vehicles. Coincidentally it was also the same day that humankind tripped down the slope toward identity by digits. 180 more words


Don't get bitter, get better

We have all been through dirt. Things that have tarnished and stained our character. We have all been betrayed by those we put our trust in the most. 492 more words


Fighting Back and Defying Gravity as a Korean Adoptee

I’ve been thinking about the forces in the world. There are forces that can build us up and inspire us to be better. And there are forces out there that try to bring us down. 602 more words


Keep on moving

Do not
walk behind others
and their journey

Pound the pavement
with your own bare feet

Walk hand in hand
with your own growth