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Time and Place

I am lucky enough to have a paid day off tomorrow. I cannot begin to express how much I am looking forward to a nice, long weekend. 660 more words


Freed Soul, Lost Body

Freed Soul, Lost Body

I am not of this earth

I died long ago

My soul escaped my body

When I came of age

The day I lost my innocence… 197 more words


the tangles fall apart

every once in a while
the tangles fall apart
and I’ll write and write
wherever I are

but a lot of the time
I’ll try to compose… 449 more words


The Ghost of The Past Takes a Visit.

Hi everyone. I’m back. I will take the challenge of posting a blog post a day (as if I can do that). Anyway, today I’ll be talking about a very VERY personal topic which is my past. 1,041 more words


Mutant High: Christianity, Identity, & Individuality

I recently came across one of those “everyone-is-under-the-assumption-that-this-mean-that, which-I-disagree-with-so-let-me-tell-you-why-I’m-right-without-actually-giving-practical-evidence” sort of articles. Don’t worry, I’m not going to rant about the article or bother to disprove each of their points. 768 more words


Srebrenica divided as ever because of posters

Less than two weeks before the Srebrenica massacre’s 20th anniversary, Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Serbs in the Bosnian town are as divided as ever.

Serbs put up anti-European Union posters on Sunday with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s portrait on them and the words “Eastern alternative” and “Republika Srpska,” or “Serb Republic.” Most of them were plastered on the bullet-riddled walls of a warehouse in the nearby village of Kravica, where Serb forces executed Muslim Bosnians during the 1995 genocide. 256 more words

State Fragility

Libyan PM hopes for agreement with rivals

The internationally recognised prime minister of Libya said he hoped to reach a power-sharing peace agreement on Thursday with his rivals during U.N.-backed talks that seek to end a conflict that threatens to break up the country. 367 more words

State Building