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Pictures of your baby make me sad

Go on any type of social media for five minutes and you’ll be bombarded with pictures of babies at all ages and stages of development. Our kids are our pride and joy and we love to show them off. 480 more words


How different are two identical phones?

They say no two people are the same, that everyone is special and unique, but they never say that about cars, washing machines or phones. Phones all have to be the same so they can please everybody. 779 more words


WATCH: Identical Twins Separated at Birth and found each other through internet!

At the age of 25, Anais Bordier lived most of her life in France although she was born in South Korea. At this age, she was living a happy life in France, but what would happen if suddenly you saw someone on the internet who looks exactly just like you and to take note, she’s living…


My Non-Identical Identical Twins - Twiniversity

I’m a member of my local twins group and it’s fantastic for most twin related needs, except for what it’s like to have one twin develop at a typical rate and the other to be behind. 160 more words


Calling all firemen!

I cannot believe my little bear is three! What a special birthday this was, his first really being aware of what a birthday actually is. Per his request, we celebrated with a firetruck party! 318 more words


Assignment Visual

I have an idea of what I want my photographs to look like, and how I want my finals to look. I’m always thinking more visually than critically, although I should initially have a good context in mind to help me to progress visually, this is something I will have to work on. 213 more words