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I’ve written odes
To boys that never existed
Begging them not to leave,
At a time when I thought
It was considered ‘cool’
To woefully weave… 175 more words

Making Ends Rhyme

Sketching : The Basics

It’s all about the lines

Learning to sketch or draw? Start with the lines! All you do is learn to make lines! Vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonals etc.

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Hands knitting behind his back, trying to seem as casual as possible even as he pressed a little too close to her.

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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Four.

Day 4: Write 500 words on the next piece of dialog you hear. 

“I think he feels their pain acutely.” 

Humming softly, Dan walks through the empty London streets with a content smile on his face. 560 more words


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     ”What’re you doing all the way out here by yourself?” 


Periodic reminder: basic human decency is THE JOB we all have.

So, not abusing, harming or violating poeple, along with not being misogynist, racist, anti-lgbtqia, ableist, classist, or otherwise hateful pustules is not some achievement.

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"right here" hehehehehehehe

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He jumped, slightly at the touch, head turning in her direction. Voiced hushed so as not to be heard by those sitting in the seats nearby. 

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