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Not Me

Sometimes it’s not me sitting on the sofa, gazing at your face. Your mouth moves; making shapes and sounds, yet I hear nothing. I am not me. 62 more words

Confusing Emotions

Day 5: Mad Men

Another long day.

This will be brief, but I figured I’d write about how much I am love-hating Mad Men, atm. Of course I am only on the 4th episode of the 1st season, but it is sort of rubbing me in every way already. 86 more words

365 Days

Hello world

Hello. You may know me by my other blog, Meh Life. But this one is a little different. I either want this to me kinda like my food diary, normal diary, or just random crap. 60 more words


My day

So today we went to my dad’s old house because he moved out for a year long story but now he’s moving back home and so anyway we helped him move his stuff into our house then we went to the *harvester and If you don’t know what that is then woah take a step back partner yh and so anyway that was fun and now I am full I have been thinking a lot about max lately and we are getting more and more of a good friend ship so that okay I guess⬅️Probly didn’t make sence talk to you soon guysxxx

*a restaurant duhhx

Blogger outxxx


How to Make Friends?

For the longest time I’ve been dreaming of what I want, but never has the dream come true. I’ve never realised why either until now. Chances. 361 more words

23rd May 2015 / 04:40 PM

I get insecure quite easily. It’s one of those things I dislike about the way I am, but can’t really change overnight either.

About an hour or so ago, I sat myself down with a single sheet of A4 paper, a bunch of colourful markers and made myself write down a list of things that are important to me in this moment, right now. 371 more words

04thMay2015 - 06:22 PM

there’s no use worrying over this anymore

it’s almost time

and all that can be done

is no more than

one’s best

i’ll do my best… 84 more words