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23rd May 2015 / 04:40 PM

I get insecure quite easily. It’s one of those things I dislike about the way I am, but can’t really change overnight either.

About an hour or so ago, I sat myself down with a single sheet of A4 paper, a bunch of colourful markers and made myself write down a list of things that are important to me in this moment, right now. 371 more words

04thMay2015 - 06:22 PM

there’s no use worrying over this anymore

it’s almost time

and all that can be done

is no more than

one’s best

i’ll do my best… 84 more words

05thMay2015 - 01:56 PM

less than 48 left now // i feel as though i wrote something very similar right before leaving for the states back in 2013 // this time i’m talking about exams though // 2013 feels so far back now // there’s less than 48 hours left till my first o’levels exam // i honestly don’t know how i feel anymore // am i scared / am i nervous // i sure as hell am nervous // even though the first exam is english i am still worried / it’ll be one huge mess if i end up doing poorly on these // i really need to do well // i need to do well for myself // i just need to do well // less than 48 hours eh // 48 hours is a pretty long time // 48 hours can also be an incredibly short period of time // somehow i’m not freaking out yet // maybe i’m just still in denial // emotions are all too complicated // this writing is absolute shit // how the actual fuck am i going to write something near decent for my english creative writing piece //  i am so incredibly thankful for… 46 more words

Noodles in my Head

I have been having one of those days,

You know the ones,

You see all red and snap at humanity,

Cry because you dropped your sock, 237 more words


My First Blog

omg this was so needed in my life

this morning jared told me about  his older brother who joined the marine corps when jared was in elementary school and was killed in an explosion over seas… 321 more words



I don’t know what to write.

It might be best to just start with hello. Hi. How are you today? Life good? You well fed? Skin condition on fleek? 120 more words


This is who I am

A while back there was a discussion about soul groups (a group of people who incarnate together) and it got me thinking, how does that work if you get uprooted as a child and end up moving to the other side of the world? 698 more words

Random Spiritual Stuff