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For the past few months, I’ve seen quite a few pictures of adorable little potted plants on tumblr. Now I’ve never thought of myself as the gardening type, but I decided to give it a go. 168 more words

Aloha - the best way of greeting

So hey to all out there that have somehow stumbled across my blog and decided to waste some time checking it out (many thanks fans)! I’ve never been good at introductions as I just have a tendency to jump into the deep end of things without thinking anything through; I guess it’s always worked for me but it is about time I learn something new, plus you guys deserve a quick insight into my life. 217 more words


Weaknesses: small talk and initiating.
Strengths: deep, intellectual conversations and goodbyes.



I’ve written odes
To boys that never existed
Begging them not to leave,
At a time when I thought
It was considered ‘cool’
To woefully weave… 175 more words

Making Ends Rhyme

casually sends another "Right Here" meme because yes



[ x

Hands knitting behind his back, trying to seem as casual as possible even as he pressed a little too close to her.

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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Four.

Day 4: Write 500 words on the next piece of dialog you hear. 

“I think he feels their pain acutely.” 

Humming softly, Dan walks through the empty London streets with a content smile on his face. 560 more words


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     ”What’re you doing all the way out here by yourself?”