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When the fog clears, you can see forever

Or at least, what lies just ahead.

Work (or anything, really) can be like a fog, occupying our minds and keeping our lives busy, too full to accommodate one more idea or commitment. 89 more words


Back to the drawing board...

Feedback from my rendered orthographic view was mixed. The concept is solid and it’s core elements are good, but it just isn’t “cool” enough. I’ll give ‘em that; it does just look like a standard woodsman’s hunting crossbow. 28 more words


02/24 Meeting Notes

  • User needs visual feedback at all points in the game, not only when looking at the volcano.
  • Consider changing the background color to coincide with morality — perhaps the grass dies if you’re evil?
  • 83 more words

Places where pre-testing can be applied

Sometimes, a good presentation is all it takes to establish the cut-through of a concept into the mind of the client.

So let’s see what else apart from ads can be pre-tested before launching them full-fledged… 17 more words

Communication Pretesting

The whisper of a new idea

Hi. I think I have a new idea. But before I get to that I want to indulge into some foreplay.

Ingredients that shall add up to my final thought/proposition, albeit in an organic way – 244 more words


The Open-Office Trap: are open office spaces facilitating ideation or are they killing creativity?

As a person working in an office for more than 8 hours per day, I’ve always questioned the reasoning behind open layout office spaces. I don’t know how I feel about the “open-wide classroom” overwhelming sense or the constant meaningless chatter surrounding me. 531 more words