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Frozen Sleepover Ideas

Are there any Frozen-crazy kids in your life? If you can put up with the endless looping of ‘Let it Go’, you can try out these fun Frozen-inspired sleepover ideas. 421 more words



Lieve allemaal,

Iedereen heeft altijd een héle grote hekel aan de beruchte ‘maandag’. De dag waarop je na twee heerlijke vrije daagjes weer onmundig vroeg je warme bedje uit moet, je weer in de file moet staan of door de regen moet fietsen, je weer de hele dag op je werk of op school moet zitten en de dag waarop écht alles tegen zit. 986 more words



Witches, like saints, are solitary stars that shine with a light of their own; they depend on nothing and no one, which is why they have no fear and plunge blindly into the abyss with the assurance that instead of crashing to earth, they will fly back out. 42 more words


Looking towards April!

I’ve decided to do a 30-day blogging challenge with my friend! Check out her blog! For the whole month of April!

:P Let’s see if I can do this, I could really use the motivation. 83 more words


A Spell to Forget...

This is a spell you can use to forget people you no longer wish to think of, or be held back by negative memories of them. 205 more words