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The secret life of magnets

I have a confession: I’m obsessed with magnets.

We rely on magnets every day, but seldom give them a second thought. There are magnets in your credit card, your cellphone, your car, microwave oven and computer—and perhaps also pasted all over your refrigerator. 931 more words

I is for Ideas and Inspiration

Where do ideas and inspiration come from? For me, it comes from being around people who are similar to me – artists. I find joy, inspiration, and encouragement from people striving to create – whether it be writing, sculpting, singing or playing an instrument. 401 more words

Life And Happiness

Mailing Tip: Make Sure it Fits

I love to get handmade cards in the mail. Love it when you open that mailbox and there’s a hand-made card waiting for you? Much better than all that junk mail. 205 more words


Indonesia's ban on foreign currencies spells trouble for the fragile economy

News this week that Bank Indonesia will prohibit foreign currencies from being used in domestic transactions in Indonesia further added to analysts’ and investors’ concerns about the country’s fragile economy, and about the economic strategy of president Joko Widodo. 705 more words

The ultimate lesson of being an astronaut: Trust your team

I learned at a very early age, reading DC comic books, how Superman cleaned his red, blue, and yellow, not-so-chic, superhero uniform. He flew directly into our yellow Sun. 813 more words

Interacting with Contemporary Art. Rule #1: HAVE YOUR OPINION

Having an honest opinion about contemporary art is what matters the most. Ideally, it should be your own opinion. This is not to say, however, sharing somebody else’s opinion is wrong. 760 more words

Cultural Interaction

ATS for generator

1ATS-50 Automatic Start Stop Generator Engine Controller Board for Single and three Phase Generators.

Note: Being a manufacture we can customise it according to your needs, we will be happy to add your company and telephone number if are a trade customer. 391 more words