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what it actually takes to stand out in crowd?

I had a kind of thinking or I should say a misconception, which now I think I shouldn’t had. That misconception was that I used to think that my thinking, my philosophies and my ideas are slightly different than others. 603 more words


Surrounding People...

Idk i feel like at our age schools and our “home” towns limit us to an extent. By that I mean we are limited to those we meet and genuinely get to know, we have a few bad experiences with local people and forget that there’s a hell of a world out there, with so much variety, people with ideas and just views similar to ours ,people that would help us grow as an individual and both mentally, accepting people, open minded people and so on…So don’t ever think you’re limited to who you surround yourself with, there’s a world out there we don’t even know about fr



Now what?  No words are coming.  I wish the words would flow out of me.

“Oh, but they are.  Just listen.”

Okay.  I am listening . 334 more words

A Super Fun Shopping Blog When You Need To Kill Time

I’ve been following this Blog for about 10 years now. Some of the posts are FANTASTIC some are just meh, but the site is a fun way to see and experience something a little new and sometimes bizarre! 29 more words


Just Write

Sometimes, coming up with ideas is easy. The words just flow and everything comes out perfect. Everything makes sense. But more often, coming up with ideas is hard. 164 more words


Thoughts on Fandoms

Dear Adi,

Fandoms. Some people say it’s a way of life, but some say that it’s “stupid” and not worth your time.

Is that so? 201 more words