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My Mother - My Everything !!!

O Divine Soul on that pedestal of struggle
I salute thee for thine valor and shine
though the world may not see you truly ,

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Experiments in Crowdfunding

After watching AJ Leon talk about his fear about his crowdfunding project (on Kickstarter) failing, I got my ‘AHA moment’ about failure: “If I try out a couple of things on Kickstarter, I’d have a couple of public failures on my belt” 400 more words


What If You Could Increase Your Push-Addressable Audience?| By |Andrew Dungan

In 2009 the makers of apps figured that sending Push Notifications was a neat trick for luring people back to your App. Early Push Notifications (PN) said things like ”Come back and see what’s new” or “We got lots of new content for your to explore”. 906 more words


MSP Guide: How to Grow Top Line in The Cloud| By |Brock Spradling

The cloud is here to stay. Enterprises both small and large are moving to cloud-based services en masse. This migration to the public cloud has created additional revenue pressures on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as they look for new ways to add value on top of commoditized infrastructure. 554 more words


Idea of the Day

355.  The Fountain of Ewwwwth

Literally nothing needs to be said about this idea that hasn’t already been pointed out by Queen and Country.  I don’t know what it is, what it means, or what it signifies.