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awkward words

Would you listen to these awkward words

mending as if to merge

sending as if to urge

if i told you i said them without reserve? 36 more words

Think In Hours

24 hours in a day, that’s all we get. Sure, time may not really exist in the existential sense, but for all intents and purposes, we have 24 hours to work with in a day. 407 more words


22 May 2015 - Are extremes dangerous?

I read a couple more chapters of Wings of Fire, and I want to quote an interesting bit of information I read in the text. 256 more words


I’ve got this idea with the mirror years ago. I remember i was so amazed by what Pavel Platonov, probably, the most talented person i’ve ever met, was doing at that time. 231 more words

unnedded taxes and subventions

Working day and night and feeling not have enough money to live. This is reality for many people. It is really annoying to pay so much taxes. 112 more words

Human Behavior


In a reserved opinion, time is considered the greatest enemy of man – especially the not so business conscious man.

What differentiates a great man from a mere man is not usually the physical wealth that we see or the number of countable or uncountable achievements to his name. 305 more words


An Useless Assumption

When the day is bright and the grass is green, it is easier for us to be in the good mood. When the day is cloudy and the people are cold, it is even more important to keep our composure and be happy. 122 more words