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Desert Fire Story Idea

I just renewed my interest in a story idea I had a while ago, namely a story (possible title: Desert Fire) about a fictional fantasy version of the Roman conquests of North Africa especially Carthage and Egypt. 237 more words


the circular saw is quite loud

When working with a circular saw you have to protect your ears. Otherwise the loud noise will harm your hearing. So it would be great to have a noiseless circular blade. 24 more words


Idea Three (Geometric Logo) (30/03/2015)

Idea Three: (Geometric Logo)

Sticking with the geometric layout, I have had previously made this piece of black and white artwork. It combines geometry with complexity. 201 more words


Men Casual

Casual fashion will NEVER go out of style!

Here I’m throwing a look that I will 100% throw¬†myself for!

Take a look 111 more words


About Face

About Face

Patricia Marx at has done an incredible piece for The New Yorker on why South Korea is the world’s plastic-surgery capital.

We all want to look our best, but not since seventh grade had I been in the company of people for whom appearance mattered so much.

120 more words