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iced watermelon

and buttered corn on the cob—

a summertime feast


Tazo Iced Tea #2: Iced Passion

I’m going to start off with the description on the bottle:
“Voluptuous hibiscus fashions a fan of lemongrass leaves in the citrus heat, stealing glances at tart rose hips. 47 more words

Tazo Iced Tea #1: Iced Black with Lemon

I’m going to do a series of five of these Tazo iced teas.
In general, as I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of (store-bought) iced teas, because they often aren’t that great. 60 more words

Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna cake

This was actually made end of November, 2014, an order from the Facebook site.

Up with the fashion, Sanvi asked for a 9″ Elsa & Anna pineapple pound cake for her 5th birthday. 131 more words


Mini Gingerbread House for Xmas

Yes, it’s February, but better now than never, right?

I made these Gingerbread houses for my nieces and my piano students as their Xmas present, although there’s some improvement required, it’s my first time attempting this, and wished I had thought about what the house would look like before decorating them. 47 more words



If there’s nowhere for the heat to go

can we freeze this meat

eat it another day?

Don’t leave me buried forever.