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4 layers board complete

After quite a bit of hard work, we have a new board for the audio ADC converter, made of 4 layers: analog signals at the top, digital signals at the bottom, ground and power in the middle. 36 more words


Transportation | BMW i8

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Single Bias Source

After careful consideration, I have decided to go for a single bias source, instead of two (left and right). The reference design for the AK5397 uses a single one, and I am worried that having two different voltage levels for left and right could create some unforeseen issues. 96 more words


Going for 4 layers

Following the advice of another mentor, I have decided to redesign my audio ADC module as a 4-layer board. This will give me the right impedance between power and ground, by putting them on two separate planes. 18 more words


BMW - Making the ultimate Safety cars

BMW, well renowned when it comes to making the ultimate driving machine. The current lineup of models which includes the M4 and i8 coupes is amongst the best cars ever produced by the German car makers. 1,413 more words

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FPGA module received

I just received my FPGA module from Knowledge Resources. In fact, rather than receiving it in the mail, I flew to Basel to pick it up from… 53 more words


Film capacitors

On my previous design, I made a total newbie mistake: putting tantalum capacitors directly on signal paths. This was quickly caught by one of the experts who is advising me on the project, and I’ve decided to replace them with film capacitors. 58 more words