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In the Wild: BMW i8

Needs no further introduction.

In The Wild

XMOS architecture

Slowly but surely, I am starting to undertand how the XMOS multicore microcontroller could be put to good use in our architecture. Since we now have a totally balanced design with dedicated ADC and DAC converters for every audio input and output, it makes sense to pair them with dedicated microcontrollers. 283 more words


ATmega328 over SPI

After further consideration, I have decided to keep the ATmega328 microcontrollers for bargraphs, keypad, and portplate. But instead of connecting them over USB, I will use the Zynq’s SPI interface. 73 more words



For generating 1.2V, we will use the ADM7154.


Regulator Diagram

Here is what our power regulator boards will look like. We will be using the ADM7150, but the input, output, and intermediate VREG lines will use a trio of capacitors mounted in parallel, instead of a single capacitor. 84 more words


Power regulators

One of the (many) challenges of the fully balanced design that we want for our 8 stereo inputs and 9 stereo outputs is the integration of fully isolated power regulators within our relatively small enclosure (351 × 268 mm). 145 more words


Updated website

Our website has been updated in order to reflect our latest design changes. No diagram yet, because I want to do a little bit more work on the way we will connect our ESS audio converters to our FPGA. 9 more words