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No stone unturned

Nor do we find him forward to be sounded,

But, with a crafty madness, keeps aloof,

When we would bring him on to some confession… 1,192 more words

3D Printer: Toy or a Tool?

The first question people ask when they hear about a 3D printer is “What will you do with it?”. Now that I have built one… 308 more words


Enhancing the Prusa i3 "Rework"

In the process of building the Prusa i3 “Rework” version I noticed two  shortcomings in its designs.

  1. There was no way to easily adjust the tension on the X-axis belt which caused backlash on the X carriage resulting in skewed circles.
  2. 283 more words

The BMW i3 experiment

Massive thanks to Carly and Charlie at Ocean BMW for the loan of their i3. It’s fair to say our recently acquired 10 year old Audi A3 hasn’t filled the… 1,199 more words


3D Printer: Calibration & The First Prints

Building the Prusa i3 “Rework” was fun. Calibrating it was frustrating! The problem is that you are so excited about getting something printed that you tend to take shortcuts that cause more frustration! 628 more words