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A thought-bubble about cheerleading

At its heart, the most basic job of a professional sporting event is to make money. You’ve got to get people there, get them enjoying themselves and get them to come back and do it all again, preferably with their friends.  940 more words

RR How-Roar Review of Yarashell Abbily And Her Very Messy Room

Love this reviewer’s take on how “Yarashell Abbliy And Her Very Messy Room” book relates to parenting. Here’s a snippet from Matthew Lorentzen’s review at… 58 more words

Clean Up Your Room

I Don't Wanna!

All of my fellow educators know exactly why this one is hitting way too close to home today.

I am suppressing the urge to throw a huge hissy fit by reminding myself that I cannot control every situation and its outcome, but I can control my attitude and how I deal with it.   36 more words

Adult Temper Tantrums

BH Roach - I Don't Wanna Official Video Shot By @DirectorGambino

New York rapper BH_Roach drops a visual for “I Don’t Wanna” from his upcoming EP “Roach Infestation.” Smokin Faces model Rita Monroe co-stars in the visual presentation detailing dramatic, and untrustworthy relationships.


For real though? Sijiskii.

So there goes my plan to work from home… the kitchen is being renovated and when I left this morning it was but an empty shell, kinda like something you’d see as the aftermath of intensive gun fire in a war film. 519 more words

Coffee Series

Good Stuff: I don't feel like it, but I can, will, must.

I was complaining last week to a friend about school beginning. Yes, this is an education site, but sometimes I don’t feel like going to class either. 284 more words


The “I Don’t Wanna” Sheet


 My most common thoughts before I start writing are:

1) Nothing is going to happen, I will spin like a top.

2) I’m gonna mess up what I have written the previous day. 303 more words