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no, you don’t have to like me

or love me. you don’t have to

talk to me.. just glance at me

once, maybe twice, and know… 17 more words


A direct complaint to my art homework:

Please stop existing.

Thank you.

Why I've Been Away

Carter and I broke up.
I’m not even sure if that’s news anymore, and I’m not even sure if it hurts me. I expected it to happen, quite honestly. 643 more words


Here We Go

Last week, I told my cousin a funny story and she told me I should start a blog. I’ve never considered my life to be “blogable” but at least I know I have one person who wants to know what I have to say. 201 more words

Everything Else

You always say 'I don't know'

May 21 2015, Thursday

Dear E,

I saw you yesterday at your home because your mom said she was not feeling well enough to come down to the park. 513 more words

Estranged Dad

I don’t know where I stand.on the solid rock or sinking sand.you don’t know where I’ve been.in the light, in the darkness.and places I’d never go again…

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Introduction, i guess?

Hi everyone!
Gak tau kenapa rasanya pengen buat tulisan di blog yg belum pernah aku lakuin sebelumnya. Haha oke nobody cares!😂

Post pertama ini aku mau introduction dulu nih. 1,321 more words