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Golden Skies & Radiohead

As my foot presses harder on the accelerator and i roar along, it’s almost as if the road and the tunnel of lights and trees are fooling me into thinking i’m the one in control. 185 more words


I spent the first 15 years of my life as happy as Larry. Nothing could or would get me down and I could brush things off my mind in a matter of seconds. 819 more words


As I walk, and others

As I walk on my own,

Down the path made of stone,

In a world full of hope,

I can’t seem to do anything but mope. 99 more words


Patent Trolls - isn't it just extortion?

For inventors, patents are an essential protection against theft. But when patent trolls abuse the system by stockpiling patents and threatening lawsuits, businesses are forced to shell out tons of money. 73 more words

I Don't Know

Being [the] passive aggressive...

… person that I am, I’m writing down my thoughts and feelings here in my closet. Then again, considering the circumstances, I’m not even sure where else can I vent to. 612 more words

Week 7

Okay, so this week was week 7 of university. It was weird.

Not like the normal weird, y’know the whole; I’ve finished high school, this is too surreal weird but just the average weird. 272 more words