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I Don't Know | Thoughts on Insecurity

I’ve always been indecisive. And I don’t just mean that I can never decide what to wear in the morning. For the longest time, I have told people “I don’t know” when asked pretty much any question because I have an issue expressing what I want. 310 more words


A Confession: "I Don't Know"

“If a tree falls in the woods when nobody’s there, does it make a sound? I don’t know. But God does.” – Matt Chandler The Explicit Gospel 

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Because of some recent deep thinking and wonder what the truth of my sexual orientation. I seem to believe now I am leaning more to the side of me being a lesbian, more than anything. 20 more words

My Life

Thought #9

Sometimes I look fine and normal on the outside, but really on the inside I’m screaming “ah! AH! What am I doing with my life?!!?!?”


the in betweens.

She can’t remember. She can’t remember. What can’t she remember? Panic floods through her veins. She opens her eyes. It’s her, sitting two feet away. 43 more words


"I don't know" is always a perfectly acceptable answer

Tonight I wage a personal war against all people who misunderstand and misuse the phrase “I don’t know.” Not only is it a perfectly acceptable answer, but it’s also one of the best answers you can give in certain situations. 698 more words


Silent Screech

Sheltered in shadows till light disappeared,

Urged into night with a screech,

Hung by my feet till wings found release,

Shackled by lack of sight, leeched… 188 more words