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Vatican's 'Defeat for Humanity' Statement Shows Church Officials Have Not Learned from the Irish Example

Reactions to Ireland’s historic referendum vote to establish same-gender marriage in that nation have brought responses from around the globe.  The latest reaction came from the Vatican Secretary of State who said it was “Not a defeat for Christian principles, it was a defeat for humanity.” 1,119 more words


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Recognizing and accepting our LGBT brothers and sisters is a VICTORY for humanity. Thank god for priests like Fr. Tony Flannery and his observation that "doctrinaire Catholicism is over in this country. The people are no longer willing to listen to speeches and sermons on morality from the church." The people in the pews, not the bishops, are the church. Our challenge today is to bear witness to the Gospels not in the golden, stained glass splendor of cathedrals but in the struggle to live in inner cities, to raise families with a sense of the spiritual when all is awash in consumerism, and to care for each other as people who are all equally deserving of respect

Identity (and stupidity).

The next morning, I woke up feeling stupid as fuck.
My mouth was dry, and my eyes still stung from the motherfucking tears I had needed last night to go to sleep. 435 more words

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A little green jewel

I found this little one hiding under a board way up high on the freshly swept deck. A bright green spot in an impossible place. Once safely in a jar I carried this little frog out to the rock garden and opened the top. 83 more words


Ah, language. Thou art beauty.


“The warmth of the sun in winter.”

It’s such a beautiful word – it’s so pretty; it contains a slight nostalgia and a subtle romance. 556 more words

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May, 14th 2015

Ophelia- a painting by British artist, John Everett Millais.

Florence and the Machine’s music always brings me to a different world. Creepy but divine, ambigious but profound, sombre then dazzling. 54 more words


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a little turtle named Tortallini

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