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Happy Spring

It is Spring
Spring is Here

It is the hour of the Garden Goddess

and to all those back East who cannot see Spring coming, we in the West say… 7 more words


Catholics Leave Mass Over Bigoted Homily, but Not All Priests Oppose Marriage Equality

Catholics in Ireland walked out of Mass recently after a priest made prejudiced and personal attacks during a homily against marriage equality, about which the Irish are set to vote in a referendum later this spring. 689 more words


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Systemic, structural inequalities, elected Catholic "leaders" like John Boehner and Paul Ryan whose policies benefit big business at the expense of the poor; bigotry from the bench (like the pronouncements of Catholic Supreme Court judge, Antonin Scalia);  public officials (like Catholic governor Bobby Jindal in Louisiana who withhold healthcare from the poor and needy); hypocrisy from thrice-married Catholic convert and TV oracle on morality, Newt Gingrich; Catholic politicians who vote AGAINST pay parity for women or raising the minimum wage so that people can make enough to feed their families: at home and abroad, there is no shortage of issues that call for the clergy to forcefully remind us of what Jesus taught us. People in the pews would welcome a return to the Gospel of peace and justice Jesus left us, and the retirement of diatribes on sexual behavior.

fire, rain & night sky

‘I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny days I thought would never end” …..


Lent: Letting in Light and Beauty

Lent: a time of abstinence and fasting; small penances amidst our everyday abundance that remind us to savor the sweetness of life.

Lent invites us to pare our lives down to essentials. 338 more words


Last Letter.

I wrote to you so long ago
Bared open my heart and soul
Waited so long with baited breath
Hoping your reply would patch the hole… 84 more words

I Blog.

Taking a Leap

Sometimes you just have to Leap
to land in a new place


Three Stops for Enchantment

So, I am driving along looking for a 2 hour free parking spot down town. This requires a lot of quick focus if you are alone. 139 more words